7 Signs That Show You Have Turned Into A Pro Artist

Developing the right painting skills in order to become a pro artist is a big deal. It takes tons of hard work, will power, determination and patience to reach this level. Many start painting for fun and leisure purposes and this mere source of joy turn into their passion and without them even knowing they are already beating a lot of others in skill level. Some start painting with the sole purpose to succeed in this with their hard work and a few have a born talent.

Nonetheless, the thing that matters is joining a pro league in a thing that you love to do. Not everyone knows about their progress and some of those who do aren’t aware of the things that differentiate a pro artist from an amateur one. There are a few signs that display that your work is coming right out of pro stuff.




Most people believe that there is a shortcut to success and they can achieve it without doing much hard work. It is one of the biggest misconceptions that many artists have in their mind. Getting to the top is not easy and as the saying goes “success doesn’t happen overnight”. But if you have been doing everything right then here are the signs that you can look for in your work if you want to know if you have finally become a pro artist or not.


The skill level of amateur artists and pro artists have a huge difference. Amateurs lack experience and familiarity with various paints and mediums. Most amateurs often go with watercolor paintings only as watercolor paintings are easy to make and have a quick around time. They have a real short term outlook and are always looking for quick success.

Unlike this professional artists have a real high skill level and possess a high familiarity with various paints and techniques and are also aware of a bunch of painting tips and tricks. Due to this a high level of variation in paintings can be seen. Their work is not limited to a single type of painting. They go for as many as they can and often maintain a long-term outlook for their work.


Still life painting and landscapes are the biggest hits for beginners in painting. They stay limited to these 2 options only and their work revolves around it only. There is no creativity or innovation to be seen and often it is repetitious work. On the other hand, pro painters go for a lot of subjects and still maintain a great accuracy level. Their work is highly creative and innovative and most of the pro painters often maintain a style of their own that is totally unique so that they can add personalization to it.


If you ever take a deep look at the work of the most famous and successful artists in the world then one thing that you will definitely observe is that most of them have a unique painting style which is reflected in each and every painting they make. This painting style is completely unique to that specific painter and this is what separates them from the crowd. People love their work because it’s something that they can feel and relate to.


Amateur painters have a lot to learn and due to lack of knowledge they tend to make a lot of mistakes. One of the most important elements of a painting is to add finishing to it that is often overlooked by beginners. Pro artists always provide a great finishing to their work because finishing is what that will make a high appeal to the audience and will help you hide those minor mistakes. Furthermore, how well you present your work is also one of the most major aspect that is covered under this area.


Pro artists never do work solely to earn tons of quick cash with it. One of the best things about pro artists is that they follow this path not only because they want to make money or fame out of it but because of the passion and love they have for this work. They don’t need tons of external motivation to proceed forward on this path. Because of the love and passion for their work they are totally self-motivated. They engage with their audience, understand them and deliver something that adds value to this world.


Recognition here basically refers to how well you know people and how well they know about you and your work. Successful artists excel in recognition and that’s what that makes them stand out from the crowd. They have high followings, people love their work and these artists love their audience. It is highly important to bring out wonders in you work but it is of no use unless and until people know about it. Pro artists are highly active in their target community and they are referred to as experts by many.


Those who are pro artists don’t pursue any other career because they simply don’t have to. They are on the verge of looking this field as theirĀ one and only career. People love their work and are ready to pay big bucks to buy it. Most of the times they don’t even have to go and reach out to people and sell it. They are contacted personally by people for buying their paintings. Their paintings are featured in exhibitions, popular art shows, and galleries.

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