All Essentials Of Resonance That Are A Must To Know

Resonance is a natural amplifier of your voice that is god gifted to every human on this planet. In technical terms, resonance is the vibrations that create tone in your mouth, throat, and the nasal passage which are then projected out to your surroundings via such passages. Resonance is responsible for various tones of your voice. Working on your resonance will provide you the ability to sing in a different type of tones and improve your overall voice quality.

Furthermore, working on your resonance will always lead to increase in your voice’s overall volume capacity. The more you work on it the higher it will get. If you have ever wondered how professional singers are able to sing so loud without any microphones or mikes then here is your answer.




Broadly there are 3 types of resonance. These types aren’t the ones which determine the various tones of your voice but are the one’s which let you know what are the parts that influence those tones and how to work on them. Like I said above that resonance is the vibrations that create tone in your mouth, throat, and nose so these types are revolving all around these 3 only.


The laryngopharynx is the one that deals with your throat resonance. It is located right in the upper part of the throat and resonance, in this case, is influenced by changing the diameter and length of laryngopharynx. If your voice is on the sharper or the brighter side then working in this area will significantly improve your voice to make it well balanced. It will furthermore add an optimum balance on the loudness of the voice as well. Deep breathing with your mouth closed will help you work on this area.


The oropharynx is the one that deals with your mouth resonance. It is located at the base of the tongue and resonance, in this case, is influenced by adjusting your tongue, jaw, mouth and lips shape. As you sing your face, mouth, tongue, jaw and lips are constantly moving in order to speak a varied number of words. All these movements are natural and hard to influence. However focusing on the vowel resonance, in this case, will help you greatly. Working on this resonance helps in adjusting a sharper or brighter voice to the opposite side.


The nasopharynx is the one that deals with the nasal resonance. It is located in the nasal cavity and resonance, in this case, is influenced by the air flowing through your nasal cavity while you sing. You might have heard this a number of times that you should avoid singing from your nose if you have been learning how to sing for a while. While that is somewhat true but it does not apply each and everytime. Singing through nose adds extreme sharpness to the voice which usually sounds dull but is wonderful in certain cases. One such case is when your actual resonance is extremely warm. In this case, it is actually great to work on this area to obtain a well-balanced voice. It is also beneficial for singing high tone notes.




As a beginner, it is hard to understand this concept and start working on it. There are a lot of technicalities involved and personal guidance is somewhat necessary to improve your resonance if you are new to singing. However, if you are to do it on your own then using a few tips on that will certainly prove out to be beneficial in the end.

  • Take some time to understand your current voice resonance before working on it. Many singers fail to do that and end up messing the whole thing up. In most of such cases, the end results are often quite opposite to expectations.


  • The belief system and your imagination work greatly in improving this area. How you project yourself throwing out your voice in your mind will influence it greatly in reality.


  • At the beginning levels you should start with focusing on one single area and as you get more familiarized with your voice you should start scaling out to the other two.


  • Improving your resonance will take time, constant practice as well as dedication. Expecting instant results will not work here.


  • Taking the help of a friend for observational purposes will help you significantly for tracking your results and growth over time.


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