How To Sing Louder Using Projection Of Your Voice?

The intensity or the loudness of the voice of each and every human is limited to a certain extent. Without using a mic or any other voice loudness enhancer increasing the voice loudness is often difficult. Many singers try to do so without proper training which results into dull voice and in the worse case scenario it can even cause an injury and you may not be able to sing again.

Therefore, the question arises, how you can sing loud naturally without the use of any voice enhancer? The answer to this question is a projection of your voice. It simply means amplifying your voice intensity by following certain techniques.




Projecting your voice easy provided you follow a few certain techniques to train it. Since training is involved therefore it’s a timely process and you won’t see the results instantly but will surely see them timely. Here are a few things that you should do to project your voice effectively.


The way you breathe in and breathe out plays a major role in projection and on a whole singing as well. Breathing is connected with a lot of things in the context of singing. You may achieve a great skill level in singing just by working on the way you breathe. To project your voice you should first take a deep breath using your diaphragm and then as you sing breathe out this air slowly and steadily.

If you do this correctly then your voice loudness, clarity, and quality can rise up to as much as 10 times than the original. However, doing it properly will take some time and you will need to tweak a few things as per your body’s suitability and comfort. This is because if you push your body beyond its limits then the probability of an injury will reach great heights.


A lot of muscles work together in coordination to project a beautiful and melodious voice. The throat is one such part of it however it is used wrongly by most of the singers. Many singers don’t use it to its full potential resultant to which they lack greatness in their projected voice. In order to use your throat to its full capacity, you will need to learn how to project your voice using the whole of your throat which involves its backside as well.


Last but not the least thing that you should do to project your voice wonderfully is to facilitate it with proper placement. Placing your voice is crucial because the place at which it is going will be the one with the major part of its intensity. A properly placed voice will far louder and superior in quality than an open voice.  Ideally, you should focus on placing your voice around in the middle of your face (near the nose). Doing so will definitely yield up an added volume to your original voice without the problem of any breaks or harshness in it.

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