What Is The Best Angle To Shoot A Photograph?

Determining the best angle while trying to capture a picture is one of the biggest confusion for many photographers. If you are a photographer and face this issue quite often then there is no need to worry. Manier times the photograph you take feels to be ruined by its angle or is thought that it would have looked nice if it would’ve been photographed from a different angle.

Interestingly, what’s the most fascinating thing about this whole angle concept is that it conveys emotions. The angle you choose for photography has a great impact on it. The end viewer(s) will form a perception about the image just from the angle from which it has been taken.




Now, answering this big query. You see, the angle optimum and required for each picture will be different as it is dependent on a lot of factors that are highly variable. Each time you will have to carefully analyze the subject as well as your surroundings to determine what will be the best angle for you. Broadly, here’s what you should expect as the probable end perception for each angle you opt for in most of the cases.


This one is probably the most practiced photography angle as it is the most convenient and approachable angle for nearly each and every subject and type of photography. Shooting a picture of the subject from the direct eye level will bring out a sense of connection between the viewers and the subject. Furthermore, it’s the best way to highlight even the smallest details of the subject which are again quite essential as well in most of the cases.


There’s a big relativeness in emotions that are usually brought out from a picture whose angle is above and/or below. This is the reason both of them are put under a single head. This relativeness is actually regarding the superiority and inferiority, more powerful and less powerful, dominant and submissive etc.

When the angle of the photograph is above it creates a sense of the subject being highly dominant in the eyes of the end viewer. On the other hand, when the angle of the photograph will be downward then it will create a sense of the subject being a submissive and less powerful in the eyes of the end viewer. However, this concept relies greatly on the situation and does not apply every single time.


Probably the best angle for shooting a picture is getting creative each and every time. Photographs are everywhere and photography enthusiasts probably see a lot of images than normal people. Most of the pictures are taken from expected angles such as straight, above or below. So, if you really want your image to stand out from the crowd then doing the unexpected is probably the best thing you can do.

Instead of going for the usual angles try something unusual. How about capturing a photograph diagonally? Or how about if you do it from sides? Or how about if you capture it from an angle that nobody can even think of? Getting creative may bring disappointing results sometimes but the rest of the times the end result would be just unbeatable!

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