About us

What Is Hobbiesphere?

Hobbiesphere is a place inspired by a vision to provide a platform delivering the best knowledge to the people who are crazy about following their dreams. Initiated in the August of 2016, it is an informational hub that aims to deliver the best of knowledge in every possible area which is or can turn out to be your passion in life.

We don’t want you to follow the obvious route. We want you to follow your heart and accomplish something only you can see.

Neither everyone is a doctor nor everyone is an Engineer. Yet, that’s all most of us seem to be doing due to the harsh society norms.

Our goal, is to enable you to fight with this chaotic world by providing you the fuel to do so. No need to study those irrelevant subjects which you don’t really want to. Learn about what you actually want from real experts only here!

Our Thinking

We believe that each and every one of us is passionate about something. This is the thing that drives us the most satisfaction and happiness. It’s what that makes us feel alive!

The thing that you are passionate about is not something that feels a burden. And it’s definitely not like that hectic 9 to 5 job. It’s something that you are willing to do from your heart. Something that you love so much to do without which you would possibly die. It’s like a drug whose addiction is the most beneficial of all and whose high is more than all of the popular drugs.

As Simon Sinek says, the thing that you are passionate about is probably something that you will love to do for someone for free. So if you are passionate about writing, then you will probably write a whole novel for your audience without expecting anything in return. You do this because it makes you happy and getting a reward from it (monetary or any other) is just like icing on the cake (not the full cake).

Our belief is that at first, it’s just a casual hobby, then it turns to your passion, and at last, it becomes an addiction. And a good one at that, I might add.

Thus we want to create a place, a community, a home for all of the people who know or are learning what they are passionate about and want to make the best out of it. Hobbiesphere is thus created to make sure you sail a smooth journey by providing you knowledge of your field as and when needed.

You may encounter times when you aren’t able to find what you are looking for in this home of yours. Maybe it’s something that we don’t cover yet. But that should not stop you. If you believe in us and love what we do, then just send us a lil tip on the thing that you would like to get covered and you’ll see the magic for yourself.

Our Motto

The motto of Hobbiesphere is very plain and simple. We say:

Stop Searching, Start Sphering!

We want to take the guesswork out of the tae and provide you the best knowledge possible. And to do that we are ready to take any step necessary. That is why we make sure that what we offer here is 100% accurate, useful, and unique – helping you to achieve your dreams!

We try our best to provide you expert knowledge in all of the areas we can and that is the reason why we are continuously evolving in order to accomplish this task.

We want you to succeed and achieve your dreams 🙂

Therefore, whenever you want to learn something about your passion, you know the place where you need to go. That’s right, it’s HOBBIESPHERE!!!