Choosing The Best Paints To Use

In order to get started with painting, it is necessary to get decided with the materials you would like to use and an essential material is the paint you are going to use for coloring your painting. Most commonly painters go with oil, watercolor, pastel or acrylic paints. Just like any other stuff each one has its own pros and cons and depending upon your needs you can go with the most suitable one.

Before even choosing the types of paints you are going to use it is a must that you do take a note on the following points:

  1. AFFORDABILITY: It is a must that the materials you are going to use are affordable to you. There is no need to go way beyond from what your pocket allows however top quality paints, canvas, and materials are always a better option if they are affordable rather than cheap quality paints and other materials.
  2. SAFETY: Make sure you are using the paints and painting materials that are free from any safety hazards. There is a high probability of getting allergic to paints especially to the solvents used in oil paints if they are not of a good quality and possess the allergy threat.
  3. ACCESSIBILITY: The materials and paints you use must be easily accessible to you. Try to make out your paintings with the help of materials that are available in the nearby stores.




Each type of paint has its own advantage as well as disadvantage. You should choose the most suitable one as per your wants and needs. If you are a beginner I would suggest you to always go with acrylic paints because they are proven to be the best paints among all for those who have just started out in this field. Anyways, here are the pros and cons of the most popular types of paints used in this industry:


Oil paints dry slowly so it is to work on multiple paintings at once however if you are working on just a single one then it may not be the best choice for you. In order to speed up the drying process, an alkyd medium is preferred. Colors are rich and deep which makes it easy to over paint without disturbing underlying layers. On the cons side, the oil painting needs a lot of time before it can be finalized and varnished.


As the name suggests, these paints are used by mixing them with water. The biggest advantage of this type of paint is that there is minimal wastage of paint because the paint is reusable by mixing it again with water if it dries up. The paint is easy to lift off and it can be accomplished through re-wetting. On the cons side, the paint is quite transparent and you need to paint a lot of layers to make it thick. Being transparent also makes it difficult to hide the minor mistakes as well.


Pastel paints are by far the fastest drying paints. There is no need to wait for the paint to dry because it happens instantly and there is a huge variety of paints available in this segment. On the cons side, you are gonna be needing a lot of colors to finish a single painting because it is difficult to make mixtures with pastel paints. It is also necessary that you purchase only high-quality pastel paints because the low-quality and high-quality paints vary on softness and more the paint is soft more its quality is bad.


Acrylic paints are the best choice if you have just started in the painting field. These paints dry very fast and once dried it is easy to over paint without disturbing the underlying layers. Acrylic paints can be used both as thinly or thickly based on your requirements and on a plus point these paints are waterproof as well so there is a very low chance of spilling. On the cons side, the waterproofing of these paints makes it difficult to remove once dried by re-wetting. Lastly, you need to work up carefully and smartly because the acrylic paints dry pretty fast and are difficult to remove.



Have I chosen the best paint for my painting? This question will bug you a lot. So, in order to be completely sure about it make sure that you do full research for your painting and quite simply try out all paints you can and then decide the best one based on your own experience. It is not necessary that a particular paint will suit best to all type of paintings you like to make. You will need to start from scratch for deciding the best paint for every painting you decide to make so that you opt the best one.

If your painting doesn’t look as good as you visualized it then it is only because there was a lack in the finalization and you didn’t make the right choice in choosing the paints to use. So you need to be sure of it right from the beginning! Lastly, I would like to repeat that painting is perfected only by practice. The more time you will devote to it the more you will learn which will give you the necessary experience that you lack. So, keep practicing regularly to master this skill.

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