Learning The Best Way To Blend Paint Colors

Blending paint colors come under the major concept of color mixing in painting. It is a skill to make a unique color with the help of blending 2 or more colors at once. In other words, blending in painting means creating an area where 2 colors mix in such a way that they form a new color.

This new color thus formed is basically the transition of one color on the other and often reflects the parent colors. The area you use for blending totally depends on your choice. In blending practice matters the most. The more you blend different color the more you learn and the more you perfect this skill. So, relatively it is a good job to do in your free time.



Blending is an easy task to do provided you are familiar with its concept completely and have done some prior practice. If you have fulfilled both the requirements thenĀ it’s the perfect time to begin blending in actual and apply it to your painting.

  • Firstly, take a clean sheet and put some paint on this sheet. Make sure you put 2 paints near to each other at a distance less than 2 centimeters.


  • Once you have got this done then start mixing a little of one paint with other with the help of a brush.


  • Move the brush in the zigzag motion to mix up the paints.


  • It may look a bit ugly in the beginning but after a while, it will look much better.


  • If you feel that the blended color is the one you would like to use then proceed forward and use it on the actual painting.


  • If the blended color doesn’t feel to be right then try a new combination on the rough sheet by bringing in the necessary changes.


  • Repeat these steps until you have got the perfect color you would like to use in the actual painting.


There may be instances where you feel that it is becoming a disaster and you have blended too much and ruined the perfect blended color you want. When this happens then instead of panicking act smartly. Add some fresh color to it and work on it again. The next option is to begin from scratch with the same parent colors and this time, blend a little less to make it work. Always remember that you need to work slow in this and avoid rushing because if you will rush then you will mostly ruin it. Blending is a skill and just like with any other the more you practice the more you will get good at it.

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