Why You Should Always Plan Before Painting

Planning a thing before performing is always beneficial whatever the case may be. It doesn’t matter if it is a small thing or a biggie. What matters is how well you plan it and even more so how well you perform it. Similarly, in the case of painting planning is an essential aspect which gets overlooked by many painters. This is so because its need is not felt necessary but it is one of the most important essentials of painting.

If you are to make an elegant painting then it is very much necessary that you keep its foundation strong which begins from planning. So, from where do you get started? This is the question that will strike your mind right now. There is no fixed way to do it but here’s how it should be done ideally:

  1. Planning a painting should be started from deciding about the subject of your painting. It is the first and the foremost decision that should be planned. Many of the other important essentials will be completed only on the basis of your subject. For instance, the technique of painting is decided only after choosing the subject for painting.
  2. Next comes planning the way in which you would like to make your painting. Is it going to be a portrait one or a landscape? It is also necessary to decide how big you would like to make your painting as well as planning the canvas you would like to use for it.
  3. After this, you should plan where are you going to make your painting. An ideal place for making a painting is the one where you can maintain your focus at its maximum limit. The more you are focused towards your painting the better the end result will be and the maximum focus is achieved where hindrances to focus are minimized.
  4. Now, it’s time to plan the technique you would like to use for making your painting as well as the stuff you would be needing to make it. You need to plan what sort of colors, paint brushes, decorative materials you will be using in your painting to make it look as much attractive as possible.

Only planning what you will be doing is not going to be enough. Implementation of these plans is highly essential if and the whole meaning of making plans is its successful implementation in future. In order to make successful plans you need to be well aware of the painting world, various painting tips and tricks, techniques and safety tips and procedures as well.

Proper planning results in determining and forecasting what the end result is gonna be. Furthermore, planning also helps in determining what could be the various problems in future and gives you a way to cover for it in advance which is one of the biggest merits of planning. But always remember that planning does not guarantee success. Success is highly variable and can not be guaranteed although if plans are made and implemented properly most of the risks get covered which enhances the probability of success.

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