Amazing Tips To Perfect Color Mixing Technique

There are infinite combinations that can be made using the color mixing theory because of the variations in colors are so vast. One simply cannot count or predict the number of possible combinations that can be made using this ultimate theory which truly is a gift for painters.

However, it is not so easy to master this technique. It needs lots and lots of dedication, motivation, patience and a will to learn and innovate. Higher the creativity of the person is higher are the possibilities he can achieve in this theory.

But doing that is gonna take a lot of time and will need you to have a ton of experience. However, there are always ways around. Every job can be done in an easy way and so does this technique too. If you follow some proven tips then color mixing can become one of the most easiest and fun parts of painting instead of a big pain.




In order to make color mixing easy and fun, you must follow the tips that I am going to tell you just in a second. These are some of the best and proven tips which are going to bring a lot of relief to you if you apply them well in practical rather in theory.

  • Do not complicate your work. Always stay simple especially in color mixing. Getting over creative can be a big trouble in the end. When using this technique always remember to mix a dark color with a light color and no way around. This is because it just simply works the best. Remember that it will take only a small amount of a dark color to turn a light color, however, lots of light colors will be required in order to turn a dark color. If needed it is okay to mix dark with a dark or a light with light color but proceed carefully in this way. Start up with just small amounts in this case.


  • In order to obtain highly bright and an intense result be sure to stick with colors of a single pigment only. Be sure that the colors you are mixing belong to a single pigment only.


  • You need to stay alert while using this technique. If you don’t do so chances are that you will over mix the colors leading to a complete and utter waste of the effort. Overmixing will make the color look dull and mud like. Remember that you need to stop mixing the colors a little beforehand when you feel it’s done.


Further, you need to understand that this technique needs a lot of patience and practice before you can become a maestro in it. The more you practice the better you will understand the combinations and the better you will be able to perform it. In fact, it’s a fun job to do in your free time. Just take a rough sheet and start color mixing. In the start, you may feel like that what the hell is this but in time you will keep getting better at it.

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