5 Things To Remember While Using A Paint Brush

Paint brushes hold a great significance in the world of painting. The better you are at it the better you will be off to coloring your painting. However, it takes some time to get a good hold at it and just like sketching it also needs practice.

Coloring is the major aspect of painting as it adds life to it. It provides it attraction, flow and texture and all of it are dependent on how well you paint which is, in turn, is dependent on how well are your skills with a painting brush and how well your painting brush is.




  1. It is quite a habit of painters to keep their brush to soak while not in use. Big mistake! Leaving a painting brush for a long time in water damages it to a high extent. The upper part of the brush is attached to the handle with the help of a special glue and if it is kept in water for long chances are that the glue will wash away too and it will loosen up the hold.
  2. Painting brush is made only and only for painting. Scrubbing is not a good idea to follow which unfortunately most painters do. Scrubbing will ruin the bristles of painting brush and will make it unusable in future. It is highly suggested to keep a separate brush especially for scrubbing only if it is required.
  3. After doing the painting work it is important to clean up the brush but what most painters do is just get too much serious with the task. All of the paint is not meant to get cleaned up from the bristles because it is just not possible. So, you are better off by not bothering much about it rather than doing force cleaning.
  4. Reshaping the brush after its cleaning is one of the most common habits of the painter. They do it just because they go with the flow and it feels nice to do while cleaning. However, it is not good for the painting brush and reduces its effectiveness.
  5. Always make sure that you purchase only high-quality brushes and store them in a proper box giving sufficient space to each and every brush. Keeping the brushes tightly together and that too on the bristles will highly damage the brush.

These tips for painting brushes may seem of not much benefit but believe me they make a huge difference. It is not a cool idea to purchase new supplies for every new painting you decide to work on. It is very clear that you will use the old ones for most of them and it is not common that you make a painting every other day. If these tips are not followed then the probability is that the brushes may not give an optimum performance the second time you use them and you may have to hit the store to buy new ones.

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