Ideal Ways To Find Top Quality Painting Ideas

One of the most difficult parts of painting is to find and decide on the subject you should paint. Finding of ideas again and again for the same particular task is a difficult task for most of the people. The basic reason for it is a loss of motivation in time and limited options to go for.

For most of the pro painters it is easy to paint but is relatively difficult to find the subjects for painting. Furthermore, the biggest issue is that if you don’t have a nice subject for painting then all of your technical and painting skills are a complete waste.




Finding awesome ideas by yourself all the time is gonna take some time and lot of experimentations. Once you get used to it the ideas will automatically pop up into your mind. Here are some cool ways to help you in getting to that point:

  • The best way to discover painting ideas is to discover what are your personal likes, dislikes, beliefs, happenings etc. In short, the best ideas you can get are directly related from your own life. This is because if it is related to yourself then you will get all the motivation you need automatically and the paintings will be made with full emotion that will make the end result just awesome.


  • Second best option to go for is finding ideas from your own surroundings. It may be a nice scenery near your house, an attractive spot or maybe a scene from day-to-day life.


  • Using reference pictures, on the other hand, is also a great option to go for apart from getting ideas from your surroundings. This is because it almost acts in the same way and doesn’t bring in a lot of difference. Furthermore, making a painting from reference picture is a lot easier.


  • Using your imagination is another great idea to discover ideas for painting. You could recreate a scene or probably use your imagination to create a completely unique one. It is totally your choice but in this case I would suggest use to paint roughly before the actual one.


  • Making paintings about history, famous personalities and animals is just another great idea to go for. The only disadvantage here is that you may find lots of competition.


  • Lastly, you can also seek help from others. It may be a normal person or an advanced level painter. Just get some advice from them and seek their suggestions for painting ideas. Since every mind is unique so chances are that you will definitely find something good.

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