How To Loosen Up A Painting

There can be many instances where you feel that everything is getting too much complicated while you are painting. The main reason for this is a very tight painting. Although a painting must be somewhat tight in order to look more attractive however you can use various ways to loosen it up a bit.

Do remember though there is no magical way to loosen up a painting just in an instant. The methods that are applied to loosen up the painting will show an effect in time as you continue pursuing them in an optimum manner. However, if you loosen up too much then the painting may seem to appear empty so be cautious.




There are various tricks that can be applied to loosen up a tight painting. You may use one or multiple tricks depending upon your situation and requirements.

  • The best way to loosen up a painting is to paint using your opposite hand. If you are a right-handed painter then use the left one to paint. This method, however, increases the risk of errors so try it once roughly.


  • Don’t focus much on details and leave unnecessary things or the things in abundance out of the picture. Leaving a single detail can make a lot of difference so it is important that you first study your subject well and then decide what can be left out.


  • Try painting the subject as a whole instead of using outlines to paint. This will help remove the controlled motion in painting thus making it more loosened up.


  • Add fluidity to your painting by allowing the paint to drip up in your painting. This may seem untidy but it brings wonders if you are trying to loosen up a tight painting. Applying water is also another great method to go for. It works on the same principle that is adding fluidity to the painting in order to loosen it up.


  • Don’t get stuck to the common colors. They can make your painting look a bit of controlled and too much repetitiveness will also make it look dull rather than attractive. So, experiment with colors and go for somewhat unrealistic colors. Try blending and color mixing of colors so that you can bring in flow and loosen up your painting a bit.


  • Lastly, you could opt for a big brush to paint in order to loosen up the painting. Bigger the brush used to paint the more loosen up the painting will look. It is a good trick that you can use but do not make the whole painting with the help of big brush unless and until your canvas is too large.

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