Things To Remember For Painting On A Big Canvas

Every painting has its own suitability of paint materials and the canvas to be used. It is not necessary for all the paintings to be made on the same size of the canvas using the same materials. However, the approach that is used in painting on a big canvas is different from the regular one.

Sometimes it is due to subject the painters have to opt a big canvas for painting or the temptation to make a loose painting makes the painters use a big canvas. However, painting on a big canvas has its own pros and cons and often the painters’ outlook on rectifying or at least minimizing those cons which are not good at all and can result in a lot of problems later on.




  • When painting on a big canvas it is a must for every painter to keep in mind the scale of the subject required as per the canvas size. This is one of major aspect that is missed by painters and it results in complete destruction of painting in future. Often the subject is small or the picturization being used is small and the painters draw a relatively small size on canvas in the flow. They must scale the elements of the subjects as per the canvas size so that whole of the canvas can be covered.


  • Another important thing that painters should remember in this case is about the size of painting materials being used. Since the canvas is bigger, therefore, its quite obvious that the materials required will be relatively bigger than the average especially in the case of painting brushes. It will take a millennium to paint a big sized painting with a small brush and using a small brush will most probably lead to higher mistake rate.


  • Furthermore, it should also be noted that a big sized painting will ultimately require a larger amount of paint than normal and it will also take much more time to be finished properly. The painters usually get demotivated just because of the time it takes to finish a big sized painting. Never do that!


  • The best way to paint a big sized painting is by dividing it into sections. You could also paint it by dividing it on the basis of elements. Work on finalizing one section/elements and then move forward to the next one. This will minimize any wastage of efforts and will also reduce the time required for the completion of the painting.


  • Another that should be remembered while making a big canvas painting is blending of colors. It is very difficult to bring in flow movement in a big sized painting. Using blended colors is also a bit difficult and for blending you will be needing a lot of paint relatively. Thus, if possible then try to minimize using this technique but if required then be cautious.


A big canvas painting is not suggested for beginners because it needs a lot of experience and the margin for error is relatively higher in this case. Beginners should always start up with regular sized paintings and once they master it only then they should proceed further to big sized paintings.

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