Killer Tips To Make The Perfect Landscape Painting

Every painting has its own beauty in one or the other way. But landscape paintings on the other side always steal the show if they are made spectacularly. This is mainly because they depict stuff in a panoramic view or in other words they depict stuff just the way our eye sees.

Many painters try but fail to make a spectacular landscape painting that steals the show. This is mainly because of some defects or leftovers in the paintings or some other possible reasons. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to make a mind-blowing landscape painting because most painters lack the skill and experience required to do so.

However, there are certain landscape painting tips and tricks that can bring your painting close to spectacular if applied right. But again in order to apply all these tips right, you still got to have great painting skill and experience and both of them come from practice.




  • Most of the landscape paintings are based on real life sceneries. They are preferred because that’s what brings grace to landscape painting. However, making a complete replica of a live scenery is quite a difficult task and leads to higher possibilities of mistake. The best option here to go for is to loose some of the minor elements. For example, if there are a lot of trees in your subject then it doesn’t hurt to loose a couple of them.


  • One of the major mistakes that are repeatedly made by painters is that they don’t give much importance to sketching. It is to be well noted that sketching is a highly important aspect of painting, especially in landscape painting. You should always draw a rough sketch before making a landscape painting. This will give you an idea on the spots where you need to work harder and where you can work with a free mind.


  • Always remember to take few reference photographs for landscape paintings. Reference pics helps the most in landscape painting, especially in sceneries. It will minimize the possibilities of errors. Take at least a dozen of reference pics and focus especially on areas where more attention is required on the basis of your sketch.


  • While coloring a landscape painting always give more weight to foreground rather than the background. Keep the background a bit dim as compared to the foreground so that the grace of foreground is enlightened by the background. This will give attractiveness to your painting and will help you catch more eyes towards it.


  • Use your imagination where possible. Giving the painting your personal effect will not only make it look more unique but will also increase its grace. For instance, you could use a variation in colors of the painting or make some modifications to the subject based on your own imagination.

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