5 Tips For Becoming The Perfect Artist

Every person dreams big and wishes to achieve big things in life especially if there is a passion in what he is doing. However, it’s quite evident that although every person dreams big but not everyone becomes a big personality. Similarly, every artist has a dream to become a big personality such as Leonardo Da Vinci.

Although it is not easy to achieve that sort of accomplishment but if the person has the will and the right mindset along with optimum motivation then it is not impossible. For a beginner achieving all this is a big dream and seems to be a toughie and for pros, well let’s say most of them don’t have the right mindset and motivation for achieving this.




  • The first and the foremost thing every artist should do is get their mindset right if they want to achieve big things. They should always remember that painting is their passion and they shouldn’t make it a regular task or job. It should be done for achieving joy, happiness, and internal satisfaction. If this is present in a painter then there is definitely a lot of potentials out there. Most painters usually lack this thing and that’s why they fail to achieve it big time.


  • Secondly, an artist should remember that a painting shouldn’t just be made for earning a living out of it. It should be made to make a difference out there and for internal satisfaction. If you have already got fixed at that you will paint only when you get a commission out of it then buddy you just lost it. You should do stuff not for quantifiable returns but for internal and external quality returns.


  • If you just take a bit of time to think about the various famous artists and big companies then you will find a similarity in them. The similarity here is variation, innovation, and diversification. Everyone can make copied stuff or somewhat similar stuff but the things that stand out from the crowd are unique things. Similarly, an artist shouldn’t just get stuck with only one form of expression. Variation, diversification, and innovation are highly important aspects and play a major role in your success and failures.


  • Our mind and thinking work in very mysterious ways and an amazing thing is that every mind works in a different manner. So, it’s not a good idea to always just follow. Try to be creative and bring in creativeness in your work. You could take suggestions from others too and mold them as per your requirements and satisfaction.


  • Lastly, you should eradicate the biggest problem that is stress. Taking too much stress will make you ruin things even if you are doing a perfect job. Always work with a cool and calm mind and maintain focus on your work only. Don’t think about any other happenings or errands that you might have. At that time just think about what you are doing and nothing else no matter what.

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