Top Class Method To Learn Freestyle Swimming Stroke

Freestyle swimming stroke is one of the most common strokes among the swimmers and when we talk about beginners this is the stroke that comes in the mind of coaches for teaching at first. Freestyle swimming is the fastest stroke out there apparently not the easiest but an easy stroke.

Although it is easy to learn this stroke but you got to have a perfect guide for learning it or a nice coach or trainer to help you out. But if you decide to do it by yourself then you may face some hardships along the way. This is where this short guide will help you out!




  • The first and foremost step of learning any stroke is to prepare the perfect position for it. You can do it in the water or out of it at the start for learning it. It’s completely your choice but doing it in the water will be more beneficial because that’s what’s it’s all about. You need to keep your legs straight with your arms raised high straightly (above your head) such that the biceps touch your ears. You can take the help of the swimming pool wall in the beginning.


  • The position you just learned is the first step of learning the freestyle swimming stroke. The next step involves learning and practicing the 2 basic elements involved in this stroke i.e flutter kicking and bubbling. Both of these are covered in depth in this article Swimming Strokes, How To Swim, Tips & Benefits.


  • Next, comes trying to do freestyle swimming for the first time. I highly recommend you to always go for the width of the swimming pool whenever you are learning a swimming stroke. Once you have mastered in it only then you should start covering the lengths.


  • In the beginning, give your body an intense forward push from the wall using your legs as if you were trying to jump hard. This will give you a nice momentum for the stroke. Once you begin you need to act fast. Just believe in yourself and what you are being taught without thinking much.


  • With the push, you will be sort of floating in the water without any supports and there you need to bring in movements in your body so that you begin to swim in freestyle.


  • For legs, you need to do flutter kicking continuously.


  • For arms, you need to sweep it down in the water from the air to the bottom of the pool, push it back towards your hip and then pull it up towards your feet. You need to repeat these movements of arms one by one again and again.


  • In the whole process, you need to keep bubbling so that you can breathe. The bubbling process happens when you are bringing the arm up from the water to the air for the next round. When that arm is coming back you breathe in air from that side and then go back in the water to bubble it out. The same process goes for the other arm and the whole thing is repeated again and again.


  • Voila, you are swimming freestyle!


This is the best method to learn freestyle swimming. I suggest you have an eye keeper on you in the early bird days so that if anything bad happens there is someone to help you out. Furthermore, always choose a nice swimming pool with a lifeguard available and when learning how to swim always go for depth that is at least 1 foot lower than your height.

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