Top Class Method To Learn Backstroke

Back crawl or backstroke is that type of swimming stroke which most of the swimmers prefer to do for the purpose of leisure and ease. Backstroke seems quite fascinating because it includes swimming in a way which appears to be lying on water like lying on the bed which seems to be super cool and super fun.

The major element of backstroke is its position which is the only tough thing in this swimming stroke. Rest is a piece of cake for most swimmers if you know at least basic swimming i.e the freestyle or the front crawl swimming stroke. In fact, it is quite similar to the freestyle swimming stroke. The only difference is that you need to do the same thing in the opposite direction.




  • Swimming using the backstroke is simple once you have perfected your position. The ideal backstroke position is to keep your body back parallel to the surface of the water starting from your head and ending to your spine. The nose should be towards the horizon and your shoulders and arms stretched out completely above your head on the surface of the water.


  • This position is tough to make in the beginning but with practice, you will grab onto it in no time. In order to get the momentum started, you need to get a push from the wall and then frame this position and begin swimming.


  • Further, you need to make sure that you are kicking constantly in and out of the water using more movement from hips rather than the ankles. Make sure that you keep your knees straight as much as possible. A slight bend is alright and natural but a big bend will become a hindrance.


  • In this stroke, it is difficult to identify your exact position in the pool so swim carefully. You wouldn’t like to get a head injury by hitting a wall while doing backstroke!


  • In order to complete this stroke, you need to bring in pull from your arms so that your swim goes on and on. The arms while staying opposite to each other go in and out of water one by one at a continuous pace. If one arm is above the water the other must be in.


  • That’s all there is in the backstroke. The only difficult part is mastering its position. The arm and body movements are very easy to grasp.


  • The best part about this stroke is that it is highly relaxing and you can breathe as much and as many times as you want since your head is out of the water at all times. So, for those who find a difficulty in bubbling and breathing while swimming the backstroke is one heck of a solution.

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