How To Become A Swimming Master?

Anyone can swim but not everyone can become a swimming master! There are many things limiting a swimmer to become a master. A swimmer needs to overcome those limits in order to become somewhat a perfect swimmer. There are many things that are required to be perfected in order to become a perfect swimmer which includes but are not limited to speed, technique, range of motion, breathing etc.

All of these things are inter-related to each other i.e a change in one thing hugely affects the other thing. For instance, if you improve your technique your speed will subsequently increase. In short, you need to bring in great efficiency in your swimming to become a great swimmer.




In order to become a swimming master, you need to specifically work on your technique and speed. The better you get at it the better you will be able to swim. Technique and speed are the major essentials of it and the rest things come secondary.


  • Each and every swimming stroke calls for a different swimming position. So it is highly suggested that you should focus on one and only one swimming stroke at a time. Once perfection is obtained in the position of one swimming stroke only then you should move on the other.


  • Being in the perfect swimming position will increase your muscle power in water by minimizing drag and will increase your stability in water.


  • Furthermore, a perfect position will perfect your visibility while swimming. You will easily be able to see under, above and on the sides of the water as you swim.


  • Rotation is extremely important in order to fully utilize your position, grabbing as well as pressing.  A swimmer rotates using its body parts as a single unit instead of separate. The better you get at it the better your rotation will be.


  • The perfect rotation includes a simple process. Firstly, you need to grab water and then press it as hard as possible. As pressing is done rotation also begins along side. Rotation is done in such a way that the side which was currently lower is moving up and the one which was up is moving lower into the water.


  • Rotation helps in improving your speed a lot. Efficiency in rotation minimizes excess efforts and increases your motion which implies to a higher speed.


  • Grabbing and pressing is a process done to facilitate rotation. Bringing in perfection to it increases the efficiency of rotation and this ultimately means a higher probability of getting perfect at it.


  • Grabbing is simple catching water with your hands and forearm. This induces motion with the help of your muscle power.


  • As the name suggests, pressing is simply pressing your body on water. Pressing is essential and it should be done with the help of the largest muscles in your body.


  • Grabbing and pressing works with each other. You need to get perfect in both of them to improve your swimming. Being good at one and bad in other will have minimal to no effect on your swimming. So try to become the best at both if you really want to improve your swimming.


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