Top Class Method To Learn Breaststroke

Breaststroke is the oldest swimming stroke known to man. It has been originated from the viewpoint of swimming like a frog. Although it is not exactly the same because the body structure of man is way different from a frog but is highly related to it.

Breaststroke is a bit of tricky swimming stroke however very easy to learn if everything is done step by step. One can learn this swimming stroke by himself if he doesn’t try to fuss it all at once and proceed to a laid down procedure.




In order to learn breaststroke, you need to master the various elements of it step by step. This involves body position, leg movements, arm movements, and breathing while swimming.

  • In the whole of the breaststroke the most difficult part is to bring in the proper body position but by following certain steps it can be easily formed.


  • The breaststroke position looks like a tube or rod floating in the¬†water. You need to keep your arms pointing towards your destination with your hands joined in front in such a way that the thumbs are down touching the forefinger and the pinky is pointing up. The head needs to be slightly down with a small bent looking straight forward to the destination. The legs must be joined together by bringing as much stretch as possible at the feets. If all done correctly, your body position will be in a straight line position.


  • In breaststroke the legs involve frog kicking style with a slight difference. In order to do the frog kicking you need to flex up your feet with your toes pointing to the sides with a bit downward bent. The legs need to be completely stretched at all times. After this, you need to move your feet and legs in a circular motion just like cycling in order to bring a motion.


  • Next, comes the pull of breaststroke. In order to bring in pull in this swimming stroke, you need to keep your arms in a manner described above in the body position. Make sure your elbows don’t have a bend. Now, without making a bend in your elbows you need to separate your arms by keeping them fully extended in such a way that a giant “V” is formed. After that, you need to bend your elbows and bring your towards your mouth and bring a push. Once they come back to your mouth you extend it back to the initial position and repeat the same thing.


  • Breathing comes in after the completion of each breaststroke cycle i.e after all the kicking and pulling thing has been done once. When you have to breathe you need to bring your head up and perform the bubbling steps. But remember that you mustn’t bring your head too high because it will affect your body position greatly and chances are you will loose hold to it.


By following these steps you can easily learn how to do breaststroke. But always remember that you need to move forward step by step. First with the body position, then with the kicking, then with the pull, and finally with the breathing. Do not rush things up. Take all the time you need and keep practicing until you perfect it.

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