Does Swimming Increases The Risk Of Getting Arthritis?

Injuries tend to occur quite often if you are following any sport either out of your passion or as a profession or a combination of both. Just like any other sport, people who do swimming face injuries often. Even though you take all the precautions and preventions there is still a slight probability of injuries to occur because of uncertainties and externalities.

Most swimmers have a common question related to injuries and swimming; Does swimming increases the risk of getting arthritis? The answer to the question depends on the practices of the swimmer and varies highly case by case. Most of the swimmers are prone to knee injuries, sprains, swimming shoulder etc. but the chance of getting arthritis is highly variable because it is of many types and there are a high number of causes for it.



  • Imperfect technique
  • Overtraining and over exertion
  • Unhealthy body and prior medical conditions that may not be known to the swimmer
  • Poor swimming workouts
  • Uncertainties and mishappenings

Most of the swimming injuries occur due to the above-listed reasons only, imperfect technique being the most common one. In all the injuries swimming shoulder is the most common one. Most of the swimmers are affected by this at least once in their journey and swimming injuries tend to happen to occur more when the swimmer is learning how to swim.

All the medical professionals, researchers, scientists believe that exercise is great for body and as per research it is one of the best methods for treating arthritis. Swimming is one of those rarest sports in which most of the body parts are exercised to a great potential. It is even concerned quite a substitute to gyming and is highly suggested to those who are into body building.

Now, it is possible for arthritis to occur because of swimming but it all depends on what the swimmer actions are which completely vary from person to person. A personalized concept is found in every swimmer’s technique based on their body structure and allowances.

The most common form of arthritis is Osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis is┬ádegenerative arthritis which occurs to loss of bone cartilage. It doesn’t occur from a single time hit but occurs due to repetitive ones unless the single time hit is quite high in reach. Now, it is quite obvious that it is most commonly to be caused by mishappening or uncertainties or due to a defect in the swimmer’s swimming technique.

In short, swimming itself doesn’t increase the chance of getting arthritis but it may do so if there is some default on the swimmer’s side. Uncertainties and mishappenings tend to occur to anyone at anytime. The best one can do is to stay cautious and take all preventive measures. This, however, cannot be directly related to swimming increasing the chance of arthritis in swimmers.

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