Top Class Method To Learn Butterfly Swimming Stroke

A person who is familiar with swimming or knows a bit about swimming is quite aware of the fact that butterfly swimming stroke is one to watch. This swimming stroke if done in a good way then is one of the best strokes to check out.

A person may perceive that it must be quite hard to learn butterfly swimming stroke but if you follow a close to perfect way along with some cool tips then it can become one of the easiest swimming strokes for many swimmers. This is exactly what you are going to discover in this awesome piece of article.




Butterfly swimming stroke is one of those few strokes that take quite some time to be perfected. It needs lots of dedication and self-motivation in order to learn this stroke.

  • The first and foremost step to learn butterfly stroke is to perfect your body position for this stroke. An ideal butterfly position is similar to a┬áperson keeping his hands high, joined together with palms open and hands pointing towards the destination. The head is pointing straight towards the destination as the pull begins and goes in water inflow to the pull. It is quite easy to learn this position and with some practice, it can be easily perfected. A push from the wall of the swimming pool is quite helpful for attaining great motion.


  • Once the position is perfected then comes the movement of arms in order to bring pull. You need to start with a push from the wall in the same ideal position. Then sweep your arms under the water till your chest. Then you need to push them back towards the direction of your feet and bringing them apart slowly with the flow. Once the arms are fully stretched pull them up out of the water in such a way that with the flow it begins from the side and then come back to the head, back in the ideal position.


  • Moving on forward comes the butterfly kick. Butterfly kick is quite similar to the dolphin kick. When the sweep is beginning make your body flow towards your destination. When the arms come back to the ideal position begin kicking at a small motion. A big butterfly kick will result in going down deep too much so keep your movements small.


  • Breathing comes in when the pull is beginning and is exhaled out as the head goes inside the water. Be sure to bubble as much you can and this will be possible if you take in lots of air.


With the help of these steps, you can easily learn how to do butterfly swimming if you follow them exactly or near to it. Make sure that you move on step by step and devote enough time for each step before you begin actual butterfly swimming.

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