Easy To Follow Tips To Make Your Oil Painting The Best

Oil painting has been one of the oldest ways of painting and has been loved by artists since ancient times. Oil paintings are loved so much mainly because of the versatility and color quality of oil paints. Not only they fulfill the purpose of coloring the painting beautifully but they also bring its grace out in front.

But just like any other thing oil painting has its cons too. Although it’s fairly easy to get started with oil painting but it takes a lot of time to finish it up mainly because of the drying time of oil paints. Furthermore, there is an increased chance to mess things up specifically in this type of painting due to a high amount of elements and complexity of the materials being used.



Sure there are many cons to oil painting but by following certain oil painting tips these cons can be rectified and turned into an advantage! Such a few tips are:

  • Go For Quality: Buying quality materials is a must for any sort of painting but it is highly essential for oil painting unless you want things to go crap in future.


  • Paint Piece By Piece: One mistake that most painters make is that they use an approach of painting as a whole. This is one of the worst mistakes that you can make. You need to use a piece by piece approach here. Only when the first segment of the painting is finished shall you move to the other.


  • Use A Primer: It is highly essential to prime your surface first using a primer called “gesso” no matter what sort of surface you are using.


  • Sketching Is Important: I have told this thing again and again in my articles that sketching is highly important for painting no matter if you are a pro or a beginner. If you have your foundation correct only then you can hope for having the end result to be correct. You can do sketching either on the actual surface or a temporary one but you must do it at least once.


  • Color Mixing: Color mixing is a creative thing that you can do in your painting if you are aware of how to do it. It will bring in uniqueness to your painting, add flow and bring in attractiveness.


  • Composition Of The Painting: You need to keep a good focus on the composition of your painting all the time, You do not want to overdo things neither you would like to underdo it. So, make sure that you keep a good focus at it as well.


  • Keep A Clean Environment: It is essential that you work in a hindrance free environment for achieving optimum focus. Furthermore, while painting you must also keep your materials properly clean especially the painting brushes as well as the palette.


  • Go For Variety: There are many brushes available in the market. Make sure that you don’t stick to a single sort of brush for the whole painting. Use a variety of them because it will help you cover details very easily.


  • Do Not Forget Framing: Framing is essential if you want your painting to have a decent life. If framing is not possible then you should at least varnish your painting so that it doesn’t get spoiled by dust and dirt.

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