Streamlines – The Proven Way To Swim Faster

If you are a pro swimmer and taking part in various competitions and contests then swimming faster is one of the most important objectives for you. Yes, there are many ways a swimmer can swim faster, improving the technique being the first and foremost, however, streamlining also plays a major role in improving your swimming speed. If done the correct way and applied correctly then it surely can bring in a hell lot of difference in your swimming speed and will give you the upper edge than your opponents.

The first push that the swimmer obtains at the start matters a lot in speed gaining at beginning. This speed is actually a lot faster than what a swimmer can do on his own. If due to some reasons a swimmer is able to maintain this speed for a bit long than usual then it can make a huge difference in your completion time. This is where streamlines come into play!

The position of your body and head plays a vital role in streamlining. In actual, they are the most important components of streamlining. Lower you drag higher your speed will be. If you could bring in the right alignment of your body while swimming with respect to the technique you will be able to reduce drag to a great level which ultimately will increase your speed.

In order to achieve a better streamline, you need to practice a lot on your body movements and technique. Proper  observation is necessary and based on those observations you need to bring in improvements. For instance, using a wider kick to obtain a big push will actually increase your drag and will reduce your speed in reality. Therefore, you need to focus on these little things and bring in changes wherever required. This is where coaching and regular practice comes in handy!

The best place to bring in the best change in streamlines is right of the start when you get a push from the wall in order to obtain initial momentum in water. This is the place where it matters the most. An ideal body position to achieve it will be something like this:

  • Keeping the hands aligned to one another in such a way that it is pointing towards your destination. Your fingers and hands need to be stretched completely.
  • Keep the position of biceps near your ears with your arms extended towards your destination.
  • The body needs to be fully tight with all your muscles stretched and keeping the body straight with the flow of water.
  • You need to keep your whole body aligned and sort of in straight line with your legs being together and keeping the toes pointed.

It’s a good thing to practice streamlines each and every day before your start your actual swimming training. If you do this then within a couple of weeks you will see a lot of improvements in your speed as well as technique.


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