Learn How To Do Flip Turning (THE EASY WAY)

Flip turning is often considered to be a toughie by many swimmers and even pros feel that it is hard to learn and perform the swimming flip turn. In a certain way, this statement is correct however if you follow a few simple steps and tips then flip turning can become really easy.

New swimmers may feel that they should leave this heavy part and go for the simple touch swimming turn instead. That is okay but if you learn the flip swim turn then you can certainly maintain an edge over other swimmers. Furthermore, it highly facilitates your swimming technique so it is greatly beneficial to learn it.




  • The key to flip turning is to swim fast rather than slowing down before the turn. Most of the swimmers have a habit to slow down a bit and breathe and then make the turn. This, however, is not the correct way of flip turning and that’s why many fail at it. It’s obvious that higher your speed higher is your momentum. If you slow down then you need to gain that speed again in order to do the turn. So, never slow down before the turn!



  • Every swimmer is aware of the fact that the better is your position the better your technique and performance will be. The same┬árule applies here too. You need to form a tight ball like position. This is formed by folding your knees and bringing them up to your chest up till a point where your feet reach your butt. In the whole process, your head stays down.


  • When you hit the wall it is essential that you hit with maximum strength in order to obtain the best push you can get. But you need to be cautious when you hit your feet to the wall. The push needs to be just optimal. A slower push will not produce enough power and a super fast push may result in imbalance or injuries. You should keep in mind that you need to push as deep as possible by maintaining the best speed possible. Just don’t overdo it.


  • A slight wait while you turn can become the turnkey in your game. This point is the one which is learned from experience. Many swimmers try to turn quickly and you should do it but give a slight pause on the back when you rotate will help you greatly.


  • As soon as the flow stops from the push you should initiate kicking. Although keep in mind that you do not rush it and let the flow to break completely before you do it. This is because kicking increases drag and it may decrease your speed if you initiate it early.


Now, flip turning may seem difficult to you and it is a tough one in actual but if you follow the above-stated steps and tips then you will surely grasp it in no time. It may take some time to perfect in this skill but you will surely learn it within your first 5-10 rounds. Keep practicing and swim on!

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