Swimming Habits That Will Bring Wonders In Your Skill

Not everyone is a born swimmer and most of us need to practice and train a lot to become skillful at it. It’s a simple rule, the more you practice the better you swim. There is not a slight shadow of doubt regarding that. But if I told you that by following and maintaining a few habits you could actually take your swimming skills to a whole new level with little to no extra efforts.

For those of us who don’t have born talent in this field can even outperform the born talented ones by following a few golden rules of swimming. If you bring this habits to your real life then mark my words you will improve a lot and swimming will seem super fun to you!




  • MINDSET: Our mentality and mindset describe our personality and actions. It is a psychological fact and there is no doubt in that. Our mindset plays an important role in our swimming skill. The way you train yourself and the goals & challenges you set up for yourself is what is the most important factor in this. Every swimmer has different goals. Some want to improve their skill and some want to focus on their speed. But what they miss is that they focus on a single goal at a time. This is a good thing to do but better would be if you take the challenge to the next level. Set up multiple goals for yourself at once and prepare your mindset to achieve them no matter what.


  • CONSISTENCY: It has been explained again and again that in order to become a swimming legend you gotta swim hard and you gotta do that a lot. The more you practice the better you will get at it. Consistency is the key to swimming. Wonder’s don’t happen over night! Consistency is not only limited to improving your skill. You need to stay consistent in swimming workouts, training periods and diet.


  • QUALITY: It is not meaningful to spend tons of hours practicing if it is not quality time that you are devoting to swimming. When you swim just forget about everything else and focus on quality swimming only. This is highly essential because without this every effort is worthless.


  • REST: Your body is not a machine that can work 24×7 each and every day. You need to give it enough rest to be ready to perform for the next day. In fact, the more you rest the better it is for your body because it will give you enough time to recover and regain stamina and strength. Ideally, you should do swimming for 5 or at most 6 days for a couple of hours each day. Anything above that is simply not acceptable.


  • HONOR: This is what most swimmers don’t do. Honor yourself on what you are doing. Maybe you are not a good swimmer presently but you shouldn’t lose hope and get depressed or sad about it. There is always room for improvement and if you are willing to put in quality time and effort then you will definitely achieve your goals.

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