Why Sitting All Day Is One Of Your Biggest Mistakes?

Swimmers face a lot of hindrances in swimming when they are just starting out and trying to improve their skill. There are really countless things that challenge you in the process and you do make a lot of mistakes in your progress. However, one of the biggest mistakes that are made by nearly most of the swimmers is that they sit too much.

Excessive sitting is said to be a cause of a lot of problems and these problems lead to many other problems. For instance, excessive sitting causes obesity which leads to various other problems such as high blood pressure, breathing problems, osteoarthritis etc.

If you sit more often and for longer periods then you will likely face mobility restrictions and laziness which is extremely bad for your body. This, however, can be rectified to a certain limit by proper workouts regularly but often people miss this too due to laziness and ignorance.

Practically, most people that do a 9 to 5 job have to sit continuously for very long periods and this problem is often faced by them. They face a serious lack of movement in their body and have to push themselves a lot if they are to go in any sport including swimming.




  • It is quite understandable that your regular chores don’t allow you to stand more often and you have to sit continuously for longer periods. In this case, you should make a rule to take a small round of your house, office or surroundings once in every hour.


  • Sitting for longer periods is only 50% cause of sitting issues. The rest is covered by your sitting posture. Most of the people possess a bad sitting posture and this results into a lot of mobility restrictions and injuries such as backaches and arthritis. Understand what a good sitting posture is and make a habit of sitting in that posture.


  • An ideal sitting posture is one where your legs are straight that is at a perpendicular position to the ground with your back being completely straight. Try to improve your posture and bring it to this position whenever you sit. This will reduce your chances of developing sitting issues nearly by 50%.


  • Workouts are ideal for those who sit continuously for very long periods regularly. You should workout for at least 5 days a week for a minimum of 1 hour. In your workout schedule you should focus on both cardio and strength training and specifically for sports it should have more focus on strength training.


  • The more you walk the better it is. Walking, running and jogging is equivalent to a golden nugget for those who sit for long periods. The best time to do this is in the early morning but anytime is good as long as you commit to doing it. Furthermore, you should do this each and every day without any breaks whatsoever.


  • Maintaining a proper & healthy diet is also essential to keep your muscles and body healthy. Your body needs to get enough nutrients to perform its daily functions but you should not eat more than required. Sitting is the main cause of obesity so it is wise to eat a bit less rather than eating a bit more.


The more active you will stay in your routine the more well you will be able to perform and the better will be skill. It’s a basic rule for each and every sport. Follow it and you shall reach your destination!

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