One Secret That Will Provide You A Big Swimming Edge

If you are a swimmer and that too a seasoned one then you probably might be wondering what’s that one miraculous thing that can make you one of the best swimmers in the world. An interesting thing to note here is that it is really foolish to think that you can become the best swimmer overnight but you know what miracles do happen if you work hard!

You can become one of the best swimmers in the world in time but in order to do that, you need to focus on your skill and make it next to perfect. It does take some time to accomplish it but by doing one important thing that most of the swimmers probably overlook you can speed up this process and if done properly you’ll be able to beat a lot of swimmers right off the beginning.

This important thing that I am referring to here is the “Swimming Start”. If you have been swimming for a while or at least hold some knowledge about swimming then you will most probably be knowing that swimming start is often referred to hold negligible to no importance at all. In fact, most of the swimming coaches overlook it and pay no attention towards it at all. Real Genius!

Swimming start contributes nearly to 30% of your swimming race and it can open ways to attain a swimming speed that most swimmers dream of. Moreover, over time it has fairly been noted that swimmers tend to make a lot of mistakes in swimming start and the only reason being here is ignorance of this element. In fact, most of the swimmers don’t really know the ideal position for swimming start and due to this problems keep piling up as one problem leads to another.




  • The ideal position for swimming start begins with the position of your hips. You need to maintain a high hip position. Keeping hips high not only facilitates a proper swim start but it provides numerous benefits in swimming as well. A high hip position will maximize the usage of your gluteal muscles that will help you achieve a great jump.


  • Your arms also play a major role for a perfect swimming start. They help induce power which in turn convert into motion. Power and motion, in this case, are directly related. The more power you induce the faster motion you obtain. You need to keep your arms loaded and stretched by keeping your fingers curled around the front block. The key here is not to squeeze the block but to channelize your force by pushing it. This will help you eradicate any energy loss and will prepare your body for the start by keeping it rigid.


  • The position of your head is down (along with a little upward tilt) with your eyes looking downward and focusing on the pool. Most swimmers exhibit a tendency to lift their head up which seems to be cool but in reality is not. Keeping heads leads to time wastage and focus disruption. By keeping your head down with your eyes and mind focused you can ensure a speedy start. It’s almost as soon as the horn blows and you get a great edge because of that plus it helps to increase your push.


Swimming start is an essential part of swimming no matter what you hear. The key here is to master the position and apply it in reality and you will see for yourself the difference it makes. Remember swimming is a skill. The more you practice the better you get at it so keep learning and practicing new elements and swim on!


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