Why Are You Unable To Improve Your Swimming Skills?

Everyone start out as a novice no matter what sport he or she goes into. With practice, hard work and determination one is able to improve his/her skills. Same thing applies to swimming. The swimmers who are called experts or pros nowadays were once just like you. Starting out and thinking how can they become the best?

It might seem impossible to proceed forward at certain times and you might face failures many times. But understand it that failures and challenges are a part of your journey. The more chase towards it the better results you will get. In fact, most of the times without failures you can’t actually become successful. People learn from their mistakes and failures and if they don’t occur then how will you learn?

However, some people just get stuck at this point and think of giving up. That is exactly what you should not be doing. But if you find it hard to avoid then here are some tips to avoid those swimming fails and demotivation.




  • The major reason for most of the swimmers being unable to cope up with their failures is that they treat their beat as a failure and feel a sense of demotivation. In reality, you should do the other thing around. Treat your failures as opportunities to learn and improve your swimming skills so that next time you perform much better.


  • Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet is important so that you don’t feel drained. It’s a saying that more healthy you eat more healthy you feel. Try to throw in some nutritious meals in your regular diet. That will surely help and you will see the change yourself.


  • Rushing things up is also one of the major problems that most of the swimmers face. I don’t really understand the point what’s the point in rushing things up each and every time? Going fast is a separate thing and rushing is a separate one. Speed is essential in swimming but at the cost of quality swimming it’simply not worth it.


  • Life is a tough game and everyone has to play it. It might happen that due to your daily chores you may miss a couple of practice drills. Instead of trying to cover up what you have missed try to move on with what’s next to come.


  • Excess of something is always bad in nature. It is a universal phenomenon that applies everywhere. Swimming practices are necessary but overdoing things are only gonna hurt rather than doing anything good. You should only follow your regular schedule. Don’t increase it often and likewise don’t miss it often. Keep the level close to optimum.


  • It’s good that you have a great swimming speed but not every day you are going to a race. It’s good to start speedy swimming miles but that technique never ends well if you are in the practice mode. The ideal way is to go step by step and increase your speed slowly instead of boosting it all at once.


  • Letting go of your nervousness and fears is one of the biggest challenges that many face. It’s the fear of your fears that is holding you back. You should do your best to overcome it.


  • Lastly, you should remember that you need to maintain optimum level confidence. Don’t stay too nervous all the time and even worst is to stay over confident. Believe in yourself and always stay prepared for the worst.

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