Swimming Injuries That Affect Swimmers Most Commonly

Swimming is said to be a safe sport and it is often perceived that swimming causes little to no injuries at all. It is also thought that swimming is highly beneficial to health which is true but swimming may prove to be a deadly sport. (Shocker?)

If you are swimming once in a while for recreation only then it can be one of the most beneficial things for you but if you are a competitive or a regular swimmer then swimming is not absolutely safe for you.

Each and everything in this whole universe has a positive effect as well as a negative effect, pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Proving this statement true swimming also comes with its own risks and hazards. Competitive and or regular swimmers often face many swimming injuries, shattering the misconception of many that swimming is a safe sport.


Most Common Swimming Related Injuries


Most commonly, swimming injuries tend to occur in the shoulder, hip, knee and spine area. Out of these swimming shoulder is the one which is said to affect many swimmers all over the globe. If you think thoroughly then you will discover that shoulder is one of those major areas which is used in every place in swimming. It helps induce power, bring stabilization, facilitate swimming position and has a lot of other uses.

In fact, the stress that a shoulder faces while swimming is enormous. And by enormous I mean it’s simply huuuuggggeeee!!!

Not every person’s body is used to handle that much stress and even more so not all have a strong body structure.

In fact, the stress that a shoulder faces while swimming is enormous. Not every person’s body is used to handle that much stress and even more so not all have a strong body structure. When a body part does a lot more than what it can do then it’s obvious that there will be complications in future.

Furthermore, swimmers often tend to worsen this situation by not maintaining a proper swimming position and putting unnecessary stress on the shoulder as well as various other areas.

Spine Related

The second major area that is affected is the spine. In the comparison of athletes with respect to back and spine pains, swimmers are the sure shot winners. A study found out that swimmers often tend to complain more about back aches than any other sports person. The major reason for this is an imperfect technique that causes a lot of unnecessary stress on the spine. Regular excessive stress on spine is one of the biggest cause of disc degeneration in the spine in swimmers.

In order to reduce the risk of spine injuries, swimmers should focus on perfecting their technique by taking professional help and regular coaching. An endless pool, in this case, could prove a lot beneficial. The better you get at swimming technique the better you will be able to swim and the lesser will be the risks of swimming injuries.

Hip Related

Such injuries often tend to occur in competitive breaststroke swimmers. Hip movement is extensively followed in breaststroke swimming and due to this some of the swimmers might face hip problems most commonly in the medial section of the hip. These injuries rarely occur but there is a high probability of it occurring in novice regular breaststroke swimmers.

Knee Related

Knee injuries also tend to occur in swimmers more than often and then mainly occurs in breaststroke swimmers. This is due to the kicking involved in this specific stroke.

However, other swimming strokes that also have a high-stress level on the knee may also cause knee injuries. Knee injuries are mainly caused due to over doing swimming. Like I explained earlier in the swimming fails article that you shouldn’t overdo things and overdoing things leads to bad things. This is one of the best examples of it.



Swimming itself is not a bad or deadly sport if you are doing it correctly. For recreational purposes, it is one of the best things and if you are a regular or a competitive swimmer then you should be fully aware of what you are doing and how you are doing otherwise chances are that you will probably end up hurting yourself.

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