Understand Gardening Types, Tools, Tips & Benefits To Begin Your Own

The art of growing and cultivating plantations in your nearby surroundings or any fertile land is known as “gardening”. Gardens are built and maintained for the aura and the beauty they provide. Most commonly gardens are full of ornamental plantations for the sake of obtaining their flowers, enhance surrounding appearance and grace. Apart from that, plants that deem useful in daily chores such as fruit plantations, herbs, root vegetables etc are often found in gardens.

Gardening has been discovered to be one of the most applied relaxation techniques in the world. People all over the globe do gardening as a recreational activity because of the immense joy and relaxation it yields. It is one of the best stress relievers in this fast pace life.

There are various scales at which gardening is performed everywhere. Most usually people like to maintain a garden by themselves in their own house or in their residential area mainly for recreational purposes. A few garden lovers often purchase a big separate land for building and maintaining a garden. Gardening may be focused on a single type of plantation or on various sorts of plantations. For instance, one can build a garden with ornamental plants only on the other hand one can build a garden with ornamental as well as daily use plantations as well.

Building and maintaining a garden, however, is not an easy task. It is essential for the person to maintain knowledge about plantations to a certain extent at least. Furthermore, it is labor-intensive and requires efforts almost each and every day. But that’s what makes it interesting! On one hand you are getting a feeling of pleasure from its leisure feeling and on the other hand, you are doing a great environmental focused job plus it gives you an opportunity to do some good body exercise and has tons of health benefits.




Gardening is of various types and one can maintain various types of gardens following various different techniques of gardening. Gardens are maintained at a lot of places as well. Some like a small one outside their home, some want their gardens to be on the rooftop and some even maintain a big separate garden near their residential area. Many like to build a garden for recreational purposes, some do on purpose and some do it for business. Each type and technique of gardening are classified into different categories. Most popular ones are as follows:


indoor gardening

Indoor gardening is referred to building a garden inside your house or any other building. Most commonly this sort of plantation is done for houseplants because the most suitable climate for them is inside a building. These indoor gardens are also maintained for decorative purposes.

Apart from that, indoor gardening can also be used for some productive purposes. At few places, indoor gardens are actively being used for air conditioning as well as heating systems.


organic gardening

Those who do gardening for recreational purposes most commonly follow the technique of organic gardening for building as well as maintaining their gardens. Organic gardening includes the method of using natural resources and techniques. The idea of organic gardening hovers around the ease of use and maximum results. The methods incorporated in this technique are sustainable and successful.

Fertilizers and pesticides are often utilized to grow crops by following the method of organic gardening. Some gardeners even utilize the full organic way instead of using fertilizers and pesticides to grow crops and plantations. For instance, instead of using pesticides they prefer using yellow sheets to deal with the insects that may damage the plantations.


native plant gardening

Native plant gardening is focused towards creating a better native wildlife habitat by growing native plantations. It is focused towards the betterment of the native area by addition to the fauna of the place. This sort of gardening usually is done for the people on a whole basis rather than on individual basis.


residential gardening

Residential gardening is one of the most common forms of gardening all over the globe. In today’s world, it is highly important and beneficial to grow and maintain a garden of your own because if its various advantages. Furthermore, gardens with beautiful flowers and plantations also add to the beauty the house and are constantly becoming a major addition to the house architecture plans. In some countries, it is compulsory to maintain a residential garden of a good size. Most commonly a residential garden is maintained at an open location inside or nearby the house. The usual plantations include but are not limited to decorative plants, ornamental plants, herbs and other daily use plantations.


contained gardening

It is a form of gardening in which plantations are grown in a contained area. This sort of gardening is either done for research purposes or for decorative purposes mainly. It can be exercised both indoors as well as outdoors depending on how huge the scale is. Common containments include beakers, pots, baskets and special plant containers.




The tools used in gardening are similar to that of the tools commonly used for agricultural purposes. However, the use of these tools is on a real high scale when we talk about agriculture. In gardening, these tools have little appliance as compared to agriculture and sometimes in gardening, you may not even use a gardening tool and find some other option around.

Garden tools are basically categorized into 2 types: hand tools and power tools. As the name suggests hand tools are the one that are used from bare hands and the power tools are those tools which need a source of power (most commonly gas or electricity) to be used. Most commonly used gardening tools are:

  1. SICKLE: A sickle is a hand tool that is used to harvest crops and for minor plant cuttings. For instance, if you want to cut a full stick from a plant then sickle is the most appropriate tool for this purpose. It’s a sort of gardening scissor.
  2. SPADE: Spade is a hand tool that is used for digging purposes. It is used for seed plantation in the fertile soil. There are various sizes of spades available in the market and depending on your requirements you can opt for the most appropriate one.
  3. SHOVEL: A shovel is also a hand tool that is used for digging purposes. The difference between a spade and a shovel is that a shovel is broader and curved. It is basically used for deeper and mass digging purposes.
  4. SCYTHE: Scythe is used for reaping the crops. In this modern world, the use of scythe has been replaced by tractors but in small gardens, it still proves to be a lot useful.
  5. TROWEL: Trowel is used for minor diggings and surface smoothening purposes. This tool is one of those that always come in handy. It is highly useful for small gardens mainly built for appearance purposes.
  6. SPRINKLERS: For a plantation to grow it is in need of continuous and immense water. Sprinklers help serve this purpose. A sprinkler provides irrigation facilities to a certain limit of the area around it. Depending on the size of your garden their use highly varies.
  7. TRIMMERS: Trimmers are used to cut down the excess growth of plantations and trees. There is a huge selection of trimmers available in the market and depending upon your requirements you can choose the most appropriate one.
  8. LEAF BLOWERS: Some trees and plantation tend to shred their leaves in certain weathers. This makes up the whole garden messy and it is often difficult to clean it up afterward. Leaf blowers help to blow out leaves out of the garden and help to maintain it clean and beautiful.

These gardening tools are designed to ease out the time and efforts you spend on gardening. Their applications are literally limitless. You can put a single tool to various uses no matter if it is a power tool or hand tool although power tools are more focused on serving a specific purpose rather than multiple ones.

Gardening tools help you ease out your work and on the other hand gardening accessories work on embracing your work further. There is a wide range of accessories that you can utilize in your work. It all boils down to how creative and innovative you can be. Professional gardeners use garden accessories to supplement the natural beauty so that it looks more attractive.




Every gardening enthusiast has a wish to make and maintain his own garden someday. However, due to a big misconception about how tough it is to build and maintain a garden many take their steps behind. Building a garden sure takes time and efforts but if you follow an ideal route then this journey gets easy and full of joy & pleasure.

  • The first and foremost step in building a garden is to find a perfect location for it. Identify what your needs and wants are and identify the locations you can utilize to build a garden. Take as much time as you need because the location is difficult to shift later on. An ideal location would be the one with a fertile land and a sensible place.


  • Once you have figured out the location for your garden you should work on getting some garden ideas. What sort of garden do you need? How big garden do you need? What sort of plantations do you want to plant in your garden? What garden style do you want to adopt? These are a bunch of questions that you should ask yourself for getting a good idea of the type of garden you want to make.


  • After you frame a rough imagination of the garden you want and pick a place where you want to set it up then it’s time to apply it in practical. The first step now would be to get the place ready by getting the land set up for a garden and checking the soil quality and bringing in improvements where needed. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the soil pH level is in the ideal range of 6.0-7.5.


  • When you have got yourself a patch of land for your garden at your desired location then it’s time to prepare it for sowing seeds into it. But before you do that do take some time to research how much sunlight the plants will get at your location and how much efforts you are willing to put in to keep it maintained in the long run.


  • When you are done researching and are clear of your input potential in this project then you should hit the stores for getting supplies. You got to purchase seeds of the plantations that you want to sow in your garden and some gardening tools that you feel will be helpful for you.


Gardening is not a game for single or a few days. You need to work hard here if you want the results you desire. You need to water plants every day and keep full care of them. It’s just like growing your own babies. The biggest of all you need to stay consistent at it.




Making a beautiful garden that looks awesome in all aspects is a long and hard journey to pursue. But for those who love gardening, this journey is quite beautiful. Building a garden takes efforts and there are high chances of mistakes. By following these gardening tips you can be sure that you will minimize your efforts, get the best results and reduce the probability of mistakes greatly.

  • You should be well aware of the location where you are planning to grow your garden. When deciding the location always keep a long run outlook because a garden is not going to get full grown overnight. It’s going to take a couple of years to see good results.


  • Always choose plantations based on the location specifications such as for how long the location receives sunlight on an average, the moisture rate of the location, how easy it is to water plants here etc.


  • Always follow a pre-determined plan instead of going blind. Planning helps in foreseeing and predicting things which can prove to be a lot useful in the future.


  • Follow a calendar and keep notes of what you do or plan to do. This will help you to stay arranged, organized and follow a timeline which is really helpful for plantation purposes.


  • Gardening tools have multiple uses in nature although most of them are used for specific purposes only. Experimenting is the key here. Get a couple of basic gardening hand and power tools and try to innovate their use.


  • Keep researching about gardening and the plants that you can opt in your location. Take the help of gardening accessories to enhance the look of your garden and make it look more creative and interesting.


  • Take full care of your plants each and every day. You need to devote a lot of time if you are serious about it. Remember consistency and patience are the keys in gardening.


  • Bring diversification in the plantations instead of staying for a single type of plantation. Start up with easy plants and then go for other plants. Utilize both ornamental and daily use plants such as herbs so that instead of being only beautiful your garden can also become productive.




Apart from being a great leisure and recreational activity gardening brings in a lot of benefits alongside. Most people are unaware of it but gardening is a very healthy activity that helps you and the environment in various ways.

  • Gardening is a great stress buster plus it also helps in raising self-esteem and satisfaction. If you are feeling low then gardening can help you greatly by improving your mood almost instantaneously.


  • Many of us don’t get proper exercise that our body need regularly. By building and maintaining your own garden you can literally fulfill all your body exercise needs requirement. Plus it can also benefit you in body workout and strength enhancement. It is great for increasing arms and hands strength and dexterity.


  • In this fast-paced world, many of us are victims of depression. Depression is a real disease just like any other and is often found along with high-stress levels. Just like in the case of stress gardening can help you greatly to deal with depression.


  • Besides making your surrounding beautiful a wonderful garden is adding value and benefits to this society and the environment. By planting more trees and plantations you are making this world more eco-friendly.


  • A beautiful garden also has a great impact on your property. It is proven again and again that those properties with a beautiful garden in it experience a big boost in their value. So, if you are planning to sell your property and has a great garden in it then you will probably end up making some extra cash for it.

Gardening is one of the best recreational activities. It has been proven over time again and again. Furthermore, gardening is greatly beneficial for your health and if you are a victim of stress and depression then gardening is one of the best choices for you.

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    Every gardener needs the proper tools to cut and trim plants, bushes and flowers. Plan on thoroughly cleaning your electric cutting tools at least every season, preferably twice per year. All hand held shears and cutting tools should be well lubricated to prevent rust – an element that can be the mortal enemy of garden tools.


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