How To Grow Potatoes In Your Own Garden?

Mango is said to be the king of fruits and in the same way, potatoes are said to be the king of vegetables (LOL!).

Potatoes are used widely all over the world. They are put to use in almost each and every dish no matter how much they constitute to it. Furthermore, potatoes are full of carbs and are highly beneficial for health especially for those who are trying to gain weight.

It is now easier than ever to grow potatoes in your garden using “seed potatoes“. Not only it is highly beneficial for you but will also add a nice variation in your garden. The idea of growing potatoes using seed potatoes basically revolves around the idea of planting a part of a healthy potato and using it to grow new potatoes.

However, it is to be duly noted that you cannot use any potato in this case. In order to grow potatoes using seed potatoes, you need to make sure that the seed potato you are using is free from any diseases.

This is because if the base potato will not be healthy, then the one that will be growing from it will also be unhealthy and not good for your health. That is why you must always choose a certified potato for using it as a seed potato for growing further vegetation. All of the certified potatoes are certified by a registered government authority to be free from any harmful diseases or germs.


How To Plant Seed Potatoes?


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Before planting a seed potato make sure that you always choose the best pick. This will ensure that you gain a healthy harvest with minimal probability of problems.

An ideal seed potato would be the one that is certified by a recognized government authority and is totally fresh without any cracks or signs of rotting.

  • Once you have chosen a good seed potato or a good batch of seed potatoes it’s time to prepare them for planting them in your own garden. For doing that you need to cut the potato into small pieces making sure that each piece contains at least one bud. This bud is also called the eye of potato as this is what that will grow into a new plant.


  • Make sure that you cut the slices around 5-6 days before you plan on planting them. Once you cut the potatoes, leave them for 2 days in open so that the potato slices can callus. After 2 days you need to put sulfur powder on these slices. Place the slices in a container and add some sulfur powder on it and then shake it well so that each potato gets well rinsed with the sulfur powder. Now, take the slices out and leave them for drying for about 3-4 days.


  • Planting of the seed potatoes begin when the potatoes start sprouting and the sprouts are at least 0.5-1 inch long. For speeding up the sprouting process keep them in a warm place and if you want to delay the process then keep them in a cold place. However, do note that speeding up or slowing down this process has its own shortcomings.


  • As soon as the sprouts reach the ideal length you should begin planting the seed potatoes. Make sure that you handle the potatoes with care so that the sprouts don’t get damaged otherwise all of your efforts will go to waste.


  • If a potato contains too many buds then the end result will be a big amount of small potatoes and if it contains fewer buds then the end result will be a few large potatoes. Depending upon how big potatoes you would like to have, start planting these seed potatoes into the fertile soil.


Remember that you should age the seed potato for about one month before you start the cutting and planting process. This is done so that the potato can sprout well.

Chitting is also recommended to speed up the process and boost the harvest but be sure that you perform the process of chitting carefully so that your seed potatoes don’t get damaged.


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