Hardest Vegetables To Grow And Maintain In A Garden

Gardening is a skill and it takes a lot of time to enhance this skill. It’s not something that you can learn and get going with overnight. It’s in the best interest of beginners to start up with the basic elements of garden and proceed forward with easy to grow crops before moving to the harder part.

There are so many species of plants that one can start with. Some go well with the basic skills, some need mediocre and some require advanced skills.

Those plants that need the advanced gardening skills are one of the hardest to grow and maintain. As compared to the basic skill plants these advanced skill plants need as much as quadruple times daily care.

In fact, seasoned gardeners often resist from growing these hard plants because they know it’s gonna be a lot of difficult to grow them.


Hardest Plants To Grow & Maintain In Your Garden


Ideally, vegetable gardening is considered to be a part of the fun and joyful gardening but that’s simply not the case each and every time.

Although vegetable gardening is one of the most productive gardening types and is highly scalable as well, but in some cases, it can become a lot of pain to pursue this path.

These hard cases come when you are trying to grow those advanced skill level hard crops. Not only they take more time to grow, their requirements are also a lot higher and the care they need is also at a huge level.

Furthermore, not every location is aptly fit for growing these plants. The location at which these plants are being planted should fulfill the minimum requirements of these crops.

Some of these toughest to grow crops are:

#1. Carrots


Unlike many other vegetables, carrots belong to the root crop category. Growing carrots is not always hard but when it get’s hard then it is one of the toughest crops one can grow.

The major problem with carrots is the seed germination. The reason for this problem is the requirements of the soil for this particular crop. Furthermore, the daily care requirements of carrots are very specific and if you want a healthy harvest then it is highly essential to adhere to those requirements on a daily basis.

Carrots need fairly moist soil and steady daily maintenance. You need to maintain the water level in the soil right next to the optimum level. Neither keep the soil too dry nor make it too wet, just maintain the optimum level which will make the soil loose.

Another problem that is faced by many carrot growers is its root problems. Sometimes, the root of the carrots never grow and sometimes they get deformed and even crack as the plant grows. Most of these root problems are faced mainly due to not providing optimum daily care or not creating a proper environment for the growth of carrots.


#2. Celery


Celery has a lot of uses in daily cooking. It is used in its raw form, as a dried herb, as a flavoring ingredient and it is even used for garnishing a lot of platters. Yet not everyone has a taste for this vegetable because of its overpowering taste and flavors 🙁

Just like carrots celery also needs a well moist soil and have a really long maturing period. Furthermore, the daily care for this plant is also very big. If you ask any seasoned gardener then he will tell you right away that growing celery is one of the toughest jobs.

Moreover, celery needs a cool place to grow and if the heat is on high levels in your area then it may not be suitable for growing celery.


#3. Melons


Growing melons is a tricky job and many gardeners tend to avoid growing melons. Melons are highly beneficial fruits and they are super delicious to eat as well.

However, growing melons is quite a tough job. Melons are pretty big in size and need a lot of space to grow. This is one of the major problems faced by many gardeners for growing melons.

Generally, gardeners maintain a good balance in space of the garden for growing multiple crops. But that does not apply when it comes to growing melons. At a time one can either grow melons or can grow other plants unless he has quite a big land.

Furthermore, a big complaint about growing melons is its end result. Gardeners complain about a melon plant having a lot of flowers and leaves with little to no actual fruit. The single reason for this is the lack of pollination in the plant.

#4. Head Lettuce

head lettuce

In theory, growing head lettuce is a simple job.

But, that’s just a theory (Hahaha!).

Many beginners feel that head lettuce is quite easy to start with being a cut and come again crop with lots of productivity, however, in reality, this is not true.

Yes, growing lettuce is easy but the time it takes to grow is huge. External factors play a very big role in gardening and a simple change in weather can literally ruin all your efforts if you grow this crop without having the necessary skills and experience.

#5. Sweet Corn

sweet corn

Sweet corns are loved by people all over the globe. I myself am a big fan sweet corns and I simply love eating boiled sweet corns by mixing them up with some lime juice and Indian spices.

Growing sweet corns is quite popular among gardeners yet not everyone succeeds in it. The biggest problem for growing sweet corn is the immense need for future planning which many gardeners tend to ignore.

There are a lot of varieties of sweet corn and the growing requirements for each of them vary greatly. This important factor is ignored by many and due to this, they are unable to get a healthy harvest and usually, face a lot of problems in its growing season.


Final Words…


So, there you go!

These are the TOP 5 hardest vegetables that you could potentially opt for to grow in your own space. But always remember guys, what may seem hard to one may not be hard to the other. So, always give it a shot even if you know that you’ll probably fail. Because failure is not the problem but not trying is!

Let us know which vegetables you think are hard to grow in the comments section. We’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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