What Steps You Should Take When Caught In A Thunderstorm?

Fishing is a wonderful recreational activity to do especially in beautiful weather. However, it is quite a possibility that you could get caught in a thunderstorm while fishing.

When this sort of stuff happens people often get panicky and are unable to decide on what they should do and what is right and what is wrong.

But we got a solution for you 🙂

Doing a weather check is extremely crucial before heading out for fishing. Although they are not completely accurate but you could get a general idea of what the weather would be like and in most cases, quality weather reports do hold true.

Sometimes, even nature provides some signs which should be given the required attention no matter what. It’s always better to be cautious than sorry.


Steps You Should Take…


Before heading out for fishing at a certain location one should definitely study about the usual weather of that particular location. If there’s the slightest chance of bad weather then you should actually drop the idea of going fishing to that place and if you decide to go there then always stay well prepared for the worst consequences.

Ideally, you should take the following measures in case you get caught up in a situation of a bad weather especially one with lighting and thunderstorms:

Stay Calm & Focused

Terrible situations are a part of life and tend to happen with everyone. This is a simple rule of life which everyone has to deal with. The key to dealing with these situations is to be well prepared for them beforehand and establish a proper mindset for facing it.

Most people start panicking and get nervous in situations like these but if you could calm up your mind then you can probably deal with these situations easily. This is because a panicked mind can’t look up for solutions but a calm and focused mind can.

Stay Away From Spikes

Lighting is attracted by spikes and if you are standing right beside to some long poles or sticks then its probably best to get away from them. You shouldn’t delay in situations like these and act as fast as possible because time is everything.

Furthermore, you should take some measures to prevent getting electrocuted which may happen in the worst case scenario.

Call For Help Without Losing Hope

If you have gone fishing all alone at some odd locations then you should keep trying to call for some help if the situation is really getting out of control. In cases like these, it’s best to first call some friend or family member of yours and explain briefly to them about your whole situation and then call the police or some other emergency help numbers.

People often tend to lose hope when it takes time for a reply to come from the other party but you shouldn’t do that. Keep trying to get as much help as possible and be patient to receive it.

Avoid Metal & Find A Covered Place For Hiding

Metal is a conductor of electricity so avoid it at all costs. If you are caught up on land in this sort of weather then you should look out for a low place in your nearby locations instead of staying out in open.

Furthermore, make sure that the place you hide at is nowhere near to metal objects. If you are caught up in open water then it’s probably the best option to seek for a low shelter in your boat or in the nearby locations.

Never Lie Down On The Ground

If you are unable to seek a shelter then you should drop down to your knees and bend yourself a bit forward keeping your hands on the knees with your head down. Do not lie down on the ground if you can’t find a shelter. I repeat do not lie down on the ground as it is probably the worst thing that you can do!!!

Moreover, make sure that you get rid of any metal objects you are wearing and throw them away in this scenario.

Wait Before You Leave

As the dark stormy clouds pass by your location you may feel that the worst is over but in reality, it is not!

Before leaving your hideout you should wait for at least 30 minutes after the clouds have passed away from your location. This is a must follow precautionary measure especially for those who aren’t able to receive any help.

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