Learn How To Catch Walleyes Out Of Freshwater

Native to most of the Canada and North America, walleyes are one of the most popular fishes among recreational fishermen and anglers. The species of walleyes is also much popular for artificial propagation. This species has been artificially propagated to many naturally devoid water areas in order to start a life there.


What Should You Know About Catching Walleyes?


In order to ensure a good fishing catch, it is very crucial to be aware of the basic life facts of your catch along with applying a proper fishing technique. In the case of walleyes, here is what you must know:

  1. From outer appearances, walleyes are largely olive and golden in color and are often found in heavy concentrations in a specific area.
  2. Walleyes have a large mouth and have really sharp teeth for their protection so they must be handled with caution and care.
  3. Nighttime is the best time for catching walleyes as this is the time they often come out of their hides for feeding purposes. This is because their shiny eyes are sensitive to direct light.
  4. Fishing in deep water in the peak season of summer is the ideal location and time for catching walleyes.
  5. Apart from angling walleyes can be caught using many other techniques as well. However, it must be duly noted that walleyes are not aggressive feeders and can become difficult to catch if you try to catch them at odd time and locations.


How To Catch Walleyes?


As I explained earlier that in order to catch walleyes you must know the basic life facts of walleyes and then apply a suitable a fishing technique as per your need and requirements.

Most commonly, angling is opted by fishermen for catching walleyes and it is also the most suitable technique for catching this species of fish.

  • Before heading out for catching walleyes it is essential that you have the required gear for catching and storing walleyes. On an average, walleyes measure to about 80 cm in length and are about 9 kilos in weight. Depending on your need and requirements you must carry suitable and enough catching and storing gear.


  • Walleyes are most commonly to be found in deep waters in the peak time of summer. Thus, it is the ideal time and location for catching this specific species. If somehow you decide not to catch walleyes in deep waters then you can look out for walleyes in water currents meeting points, along and beside large rocks and islands, and cuts in lakes and rivers.


  • Ideally, angling with live bait is the best option to opt for catching walleyes. If not then you can also use the technique of jigging, casting or netting for catching it. You need to set up the traps for catching walleye once you reach the desired location based on the technique you go for.┬áLeeches, worms, and minnows are one of the best live baits to use for catching walleyes.


  • Catching walleyes are restricted to a certain extent by law in many states. It is crucial to adhere to the legal policies specific to fishing for walleyes to stay out of any troubles. These laws have been placed to prevent the over-exploitation of these species seeing its popularity among fishermen.

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