Popular Invasive Plants That Will Ruin Your Garden

Designing a garden surely is a hard thing especially if you want to fill your garden up in a relatively short period of time. When it comes to filling the garden up fast many gardeners rely on the ground covering plants. These plants grow and spread rapidly making the garden look filled up nicely.

Most commonly people love to go with Bishop’s Weed, Thyme, Brass Buttons and a few other for filling up their garden fast. These plants not only effectively perform the job but actually look very nice till a certain extent.

The idea of planting the ground covering plants sure does seem like a cracking deal but honestly, it is not!


Keep reading ahead and you’ll get to know the logic behind it.


Invasive Ground Covering Plants


Ground covering plants have a tendency to grow and spread out fast as compared to normal plants. These plants are ideal for planting into cracks, aside stones and pebbles and in any open area which needs to be filled up fast.

Addition to their fast growth their daily maintenance and care is also very huge as compared to other plants. Many gardeners start up planting ground covering plants thinking that they will be able to devote optimum time for its care and maintenance or are ignorant of this fact.

Whatever the case may be, most of the gardeners fail to do so and end up having their garden ruined up with these invasive plants 🙁

Once established these plants are very hard to remove and usually it takes years to get rid of them. (Sad but true!)

Mowing these plants will only get them shorter in size instead of actually getting rid of its limitless roots. In reality, its almost next to impossible to get rid of hugely spread up ground covering plants and they keep on increasing rapidly.

Sounds like a nightmare to me!

Not all ground covering plants are invasive but some of them surely are. So when deciding to do ground covering plantations be aware of these invasive ones:


bishop's weed

Bishop’s weed is one of the most popular ground covering plant and there is no doubt that this plant definitely increases the grace of the garden from its beauty. However, this plant also stands in the front of the queue when we talk about invasive ground covering plants.

Daily care and maintenance required for this plant are fairly huge and when it spreads out there is almost no stoppage to it. No border is capable of stopping its growth once it get’s to that point.

Furthermore, this plant also grows vigorously in shady areas as well so the lack of sunlight is no issue for this plant.



Bugleweed is a great option to go for when we talk about hillside gardening as it prevents erosion and looks simply amazing. However, when we talk about our home garden then contrary to the popular belief this is simply not the plant you should go for in any situation.

For a home garden, bugleweed is that pest which looks really charming with other plants at first but with time its all you will be able to see in your garden.



Ivy has been a popular covering plant for a very long time. It has been used as an ornament for long trees and buildings since the time of its discovery. Ivy has not been particularly identified as an invasive covering plant but it surely does play its role in most of the regions. It has a tendency to damage the base on which it grows whether it may be a building, a garden or a tree.

This plant grows at an enormous rate and it’s very hard to get control of. Once it begins spreading out it starts covering each and every plant on its way and due to its nature, it starts destroying the plants that it covers.

So, instead of being an ornament for a garden it’s more of a disease if not taken daily care of.


evening primrose

Evening primrose is a plant that is not accessible to everyone but I can tell you one thing that once a gardener gets to know about this plant he/she instantly falls in love with it. The reason being for its lack of accessibility is due to its non-supportiveness for most of the type of soils.

Due to this, it is grown in limited regions only and mostly available to gardeners residing in those regions only.

This plant blooms in the evening and is highly attractive. However, this plant has an ability to self-sow itself and once planted it starts popping up in varied regions in the garden.

Most gardeners don’t want this to be happening but if you really love this plant then there are not many issues in planting it. Plus getting rid of this plant is not that hard as compared to other invasive ground covering plants.


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