Fishing Tips For Catching Chain Pickerel

Chain Pickerel is fish belonging to the family of Esocidae and is also known as the Southern Pike. From appearances, this fish has greenish or yellowish sides with dark and distinctive chain patterns on the upper body. By nature, this fish is more on the aggressive side and will give you a good fight if you mess with it.

Eastern part of North America and some parts of Canada is filled up with this species in a big abundance. Southern pike is also commonly found in the lower portion of The Great Lakes of North America and is found in big numbers on the Atlantic Coast, in Maine.

This species of fish is loved by people all over the globe and is proven to be very delicious when cooked nicely. However, cooking this fish is considered to be a fairly difficult task due to a high number of small bones in the body of this fish.

Being a lean fish this fish provides a very tantalizing flavor. So all those who possess a love for this taste should consider putting in some extra efforts for catching a bunch of these.


Chain Pickerel Fishing Tips


Interestingly, this species of fish is quite related to the Northern Pike from appearances and nature yet it is often found in abundance where the Northern Pike isn’t.

Thus, if you are gonna be fishing for chain pickerel then finding it won’t be a much difficult task!

  • Chain pickerel are most commonly found in swamps, ponds, streams and other shallow vegetated parts of lakes and rivers.


  • The primary diet of this fish species lies on small fishes and a few other organisms such as frogs, worms, mice etc. Once it grows big in size then it goes for the bigger sized prey. In the initial stages of growth, the southern pike feeds on other fishes almost of the same size. When fishing for these species it’s a good option to leave small to mid-sized fishes for further growth and pick only the big ones.



  • The key to catching this fish is attracting it towards your trap. This can be easily accomplished via movement and flash. As long as you can provide movement and flash in your trap rest assured that you will see a lot of chain pickerels around you in a very short time frame if you are fishing at the right location.


  • For achieving a big boom in fishing for this species spinnerbaits and weedless spoons are recommended if angling is chosen as the primary fishing technique.


  • Worms, mice, crayfish, fry, small minnows, and other fishes or live baits work just fine for baiting purposes. In fact, chain pickerel loves to eat small minnows and other occasional insects and they constitute a major part of their diet.


  • When caught chain pickerel tends to give a good fight mainly due to its aggressive nature and also shows a tendency to take in an entire lure. Thus, it is advised to take necessary preventive measures to deal with these common issues. Furthermore, it is recommended to proceed with cautious handling for this species of fish as it usually possesses sharp teeth.

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