Fishing Tips For Catching The Nile Perch

Belonging to the family Latidae, The Nile Perch is one of the biggest freshwater fish in the whole world. The commercial value of this fish is also in the top list, making it one of the most valuable fish all over the globe!

This species of fish is native to major tropical parts of Africa namely, Lake Chad, Nile, Congo, Senegal, Niger, Lake Turkana, Volta, and some other minor portions in the Afrotropic area.

Nile perch is easy to identify in fresh water mainly due to its large size and its distinctive dark black eyes. The eyes are usually covered with a deep yellow outer ring making it more distinct from its similar neighbors. The body of this fish is usually silver in color but a greenish brown color on the upper body has also been recognized in some parts.

On an average basis, a fully grown (adult) nile perch can grow up to nearly 150 cm (5 ft) in length and can weigh as much as 80 kilos.


Fishing Tips For The Nile Perch


Anglers especially recreational or sports fishermen prefer the technique of angling to catch this fish. On the other side, commercial fishermen regardless of the fact small or big often resort to the fishing technique of netting for catching this species of fish.

Being so huge in size, catching this fish is a challenging task in itself and transporting it especially in bulk is more so. Anyways, there are certain small things you can do that can help ease out this task and provide additional benefits as well.

  • When a fisherman talks about fishing for the nile perch, the first and the last location that strikes in mind is Africa. Afrotropic regions are filled up with huge numbers of this species of fish so fishing in those areas is probably the best option to go for. Moreover, finding this fish is not so hard as it occupies almost all habitats that are rich in oxygen.


  • Although the nile perch is an angling species however the technique of netting is better than angling when fishing for these species. The only reason behind it is that netting is much more effective than angling and it is a safer technique to a certain extent as well.


  • Nile perch is a dominant predator and feeds on almost all other small or large fishes including its own species. In fact, its diet is so huge that it has been referred to as the cause of extinction of many small species in certain aquatic habitats. Thus, live baits always work wonders for catching perch. As long as you are using a live bait of a good size you will just do fine while fishing for the perch.


  • Catching this fish is a difficult job to carry out but what’s even more challenging is the storage and transportation of this fish (especially when done in bulk quantity) because of its huge size and weight. This fact often gets ignored by many fishermen and this results to many problems later on. It’s always good to be prepared with optimum fishing gear and supplies for the storage and transportation of a well-sized perch.


  • Strong fishing gear is simply ideal for fishing of this species. Nile perch are aggressive in nature and tends to give a ferocious fight on being caught. Light or medium strength gears will most probably fail to handle an aggressive fish of this size and strength.

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