Make Your Garden Redesign More Effective Using These Tips

Gardening is a very long and a continuous process. There is simply no end to it if you want to keep it nice and beautiful each and every time.

For beginners, it sounds a bit terrifying seeing the work involved but as you go along with the process it actually becomes a lot of fun. In your journey of gardening there comes many instances where you decide on redesigning your garden. You may completely do a full makeover or add some tit bits to it but at some point redesigning your garden will become a necessity.

There are many causes for a garden redesign. In most of the cases, it mainly happens due to a feeling of dissatisfaction after some period of time or an urge to add more beauty to the current garden outlook. And even after you redesign your garden now after some time you will again want to redesign it following latest trends or for the sake of making it more beautiful and appealing.

Thus, there is a simple rule of gardening i.e a garden design is never finished.


Tips For Redesigning Your Garden More Effectively


No matter what caused the need of redesigning your garden there are certain basic things that you should always keep in mind for an effective redesigning. By doing this not only you will minimize the probability of errors but will also receive a better result than expected.

#1. Learn From Your Mistakes

As time passes by a gardener gets to learn a lot of things in many aspects of gardening and the knowledge about his own garden also rises. There is certainly no better time than redesigning a garden for actually applying this knowledge in practice. It’s obvious that you discover a lot of good and bad points about your garden till you reach the point of redesigning.

Ideally, you should focus on the betterment of those good points and eradication of the bad ones. Take some time to give a deep thought about what you like or dislike about your garden, what practices you applied in your gardening, what things went right and which one went wrong etc. and then work on these aspects in all possible ways.

#2. Gain Knowledge Then Apply

It’s very crucial to have the basic understanding of the gardening concepts before making any advancements. If you have it then it’s very nice but if you don’t then you should aim at acquiring it.

Gaining knowledge about gardening is necessary but it is not enough. It is equally crucial to gain knowledge about your garden location and suitable plants as well. You need to develop a well laid out plan before you can actually redesign your garden if you want everything to work out well.

Study about your garden location and determine all possible plantations that you can fill up your garden with to maximize your chances at garden diversification. This will also facilitate adding the WOW Factor to your garden.

#3. Fill The Gap

Having that WOW factor in your garden is a dream of every gardener.

But let’s face it,

It’s a lot harder to accomplish than it sounds to be.

However, there is an easy trick for achieving it in most of the cases. The WOW factor comes from the uniqueness and instant appeal of the garden.

In order to work upon it evaluate the key spots in your garden that are noticed in the first impression and find out a creative way of optimizing it with best possible plantations. Work on those empty and dull looking spots in your garden by adding beautiful ground covering plants but be aware of the invasive ones.

Lastly, keep the consistency just right and avoid over optimizing your garden.

#4. Nothing Beats Organic Gardening

Gardening is a part of nature and it’s just not right to add loads of human filth in the form of chemicals in it. Therefore, try to adopt the practice of organic gardening at all costs because, in the long run, it will provide the best results with absolutely no harm to the ecosystem.

Organic gardening keeps your soil healthier leading to which your plantations grow healthier. Fertilizers and pesticides do provide tempting results in the short run but in the long run, they do more harm than good. Residing to complete organic gardening is a bit difficult as compared to other methods but it’s worth putting efforts in it.

#5. Make Your Garden More Productive

Contrary to the beliefs of many gardeners, gardening is not just about looks and appeal of the garden. Yes, looks of a garden matter a lot but it’s not everything.

Making your garden productive is also essential along with working on its looks.

Obviously, it’s better to grow your own stuff instead of purchasing it from the market and if you have your own garden then what would be a better place than it?

Therefore, do keep a part of your garden dedicated to providing productive items that you use on a regular basis such as vegetables or herbs.

#6. Play With Colors & Textures

Imagine a garden filled up with a single color or texture only. How does it look?

Looks weird, right!?

The key to an attractive garden is doing everything possible to make it look more appealing. This can be accomplished easily if you make your garden more colorful and work on adding more texture towards it.

Proper planning is very crucial for performing this step as you wouldn’t like to end up with a messy garden in the end and having a garden a lot opposite to your expectations.

Understand the basic nature of colors in order to determine what will look good and based on your area grow plantations which will provide exactly the same. Add a bunch of flowering plantations along with some shrubs and a bunch of other types of plantations to add color, texture, and variation in your garden.

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