Tips For Growing Green Onions In Your Garden

Green onions are very popular all over the world mainly because of their amazing flavor and milder taste than most of the onions. This vegetable is edible in both raw and cooked form, however, many people prefer eating it raw rather than cooked.

Green onions are popular by different names at different places. Most commonly this vegetable is referred to as scallion, spring onion, green onion, and salad onion. Regardless of the fact on how we pronounce it, this vegetable belongs to the species of “Allium”. It is edible in both raw and cooked form, however, many people prefer eating it raw rather than cooked.

Scientifically, scallion or green onions are regular onions but they are either harvested before they form a bulb or they belong to the category that never forms a bulb.

From a gardening perspective, green onions are one of the very few plants that are super easy to grow. It’s so easy to grow that if you plant a small stem of this vegetable in a glass of water even then it will grow amazingly.

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Tips For Growing Green Onions


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Although growing green onions are super easy and it seems that anyone can do it right away.

However, still, there are certain things that you should be aware of about this plant in order to ensure a big and healthy boom in the growth of this plant.

  • Green onions are leafy vegetables and for their optimum growth, a big exposure to sunlight is necessary. Thus, growing them in full sunlight is always the best choice. This vegetable can also be grown in a little shade, however, in this case, it may not turn out to be a healthy plant.


  • Maintaining high water levels is also a big necessity for growing this plant. You need to water this plant on a regular basis. Mulching may help to maintain moisture levels in the soil in very dry or hot days/seasons.


  • Not only it’s super easy to grow scallions or green onions but you should know that they grow super fast too! Succession planning and planting (ideally every 3-4 weeks) of this plant ensure a big boom in the harvest of this plant.


  • Green onions usually don’t face any pest problems but they may arise in a few cases. If this does happen then you can either use organic methods to get rid of pests or you can shift your plantation to some other spot in the next cycle.


  • Indoor gardening of this vegetable is possible but it should be made sure that the requirements of this plant can be duly fulfilled in order to ensure a healthy harvest.


  • At the time of harvesting instead of cutting it out, you should pull it out from the soil completely. (Optional) For replanting, you can save some part of the stem and use it to bring up the next cycle.

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