5 Things People Usually Hate About Camping

Camping is considered to be a great recreational activity especially by people who love to stay outdoors. In fact, it is one of the best ways to refresh a person’s mind as it is a great stress buster. You can literally do anything you wish for when you go for camping because just for that time you are absolutely free.

Still camping is not for everyone and there are certain things about camping that people usually don’t like. These things are basically daily general requirements of a person. At campsites, these things are hard to tackle or achieve and for obvious reasons people don’t like to hustle for them.


What Are The Things That People Don’t Like About Camping?


A human being is nothing more than just an animal that strives for achieving comfort and luxury by any means at any place possible. At normal days most people are able to achieve it however when it comes to camping then it’s simply not possible every time.

Some of these things that usually makeĀ people drop the idea of camping includes:

#1. Uncomfortable Sleeping Areas

After a long tiring day what could be a better thing than a long comfy sleep?

Any guesses?

There isn’t anything better. (Haha!)

Campers usually take sleeping bags or tents along with tent mats with them at their campsite for staying purposes. When it comes to comfortable sleep these solutions simply do not deliver the best.

A major reason for it includes the hardness of the surface which usually is the ground. You don’t get a bed with a comfy mattress for sleeping and resting purposes on camping and people usually don’t like this fact.

If a person is to take a couple of days off from their busy routine then they would prefer doing something that can compensate well for the purpose.

#2. Uncertain Weather Conditions

Picturize this:

You had a super fun day at camping. All that fun ultimately led to a bit of tiring and you decided to go to bed early. Tackling some comfort issues you finally slept. Now, you’re having an awesome dream and suddenly a thunderstorm with heavy rain broke out.

Your sleep? Vanished…

Your condition? Totally wet and got some cold too…

Your Stuff? Scattered all around…

Next thing on your mind? Cursing the weather and this trip…

Now, that doesn’t sound like fun. Or does it?

When you are out for camping then you are at the mercy of weather at your camping location. No matter how many weather forecasts you check out there is simply no certainty as to how the weather will be. For many people, it is simply not acceptable to suffer uncertain weather conditions.

#3. Bugs & Wild Beasts

Most people hate bugs and let’s face the fact that most camping locations are usually filled up with various species of bugs. (Shocker?)

Furthermore, most of these locations are not restricted to bugs only. There is a big probability of other wild animals to pertain over there and who knows they may also give you a knock at your campsite.

#4. Bathing Issues

Proper bathing facilities is a big issue at many camping locations. At remote locations, this problem gets even worse šŸ™

The feeling of being dirty all the time is very annoying for most of the people and after some point, it just gets unbearable to stay dirty. Our body needs a proper cleaning after regular intervals and if you are out for camping for a fairly long time then proper bathing may become a big issue for you.

Now, you maybe one of those people who could stay weeks long without a shower but most of us can’t. Even science says you should take a shower once in every 2 days (LOL!).

#5. Restroom Issues

I barely know of any camping locations where a fully established or even partly established restroom can be found. This is because it’s fairly hard to do so and many people ignore to work on it and even work on preparing for facing this issue.

Having a hygienic system to discharge off human waste is essential for maintaining a good health. Furthermore, many people feel very uncomfortable to pee or loo in open areas and it is one of the biggest issues why people run from camping.

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