Fishing Tips For Catching The Lake Trout

The lake trout is a freshwater char rather than actually being a trout, most commonly found in the lakes in the northern part of North America. Sometimes this fish is also known as mackinaw, gray trout or lake char.

This fish species is a very popular commercial and sports fish (gamefish) mainly because of its taste popularity among wide populations. Commercial fishing of this fish currently is a lot less as compared to past few years because of lampreys and overharvest of this fish species.

The size of this fish varies from 60-90 cms in length and 7-18 kilos in weight. From outer appearances, they will usually be the biggest of chars you would’ve ever encountered and will possess moderately elongated grayish or brownish body shape. Lake trouts are mainly found in some specific parts of North America which include most regions of Canada and some parts of Alaska.


Lake Trout Fishing Tips


Many fishermen resist fishing for this fish species because it is quite difficult to catch it mainly due to accessibility issues. Most of the population of the lake trout resideĀ in very hard to reach areas and in general, fishermen aren’t interested in doing so many efforts in just reaching at the location for catching this fish.

Still, there are some fishing enthusiasts who go on fishing for this species in hope for catching it. If you do decide to take this route then there are a few tips on catching the lake trout that might come in handy.

  • Lake trouts mainly inhabit cold regions of a water body that are rich in oxygen and they mainly reside in deep water areas. You can expect to locate this fish in this specified location at about 20-60 meters beneath the water surface.


  • The diet of this fish species depends largely on its growth rate and age. The growth rate is directly related to the size of this fish and the bigger it gets the bigger diet it will have and the larger fishes and insects it will hunt for. Surprisingly, lake trouts also feed on their own species as well. Therefore, live baits such as zooplankton, snails, clams, and other or same fish species usually work the best for catching this fish.


  • The best time to fish for this species is the spring season or when the lake water gets very cold. In such a situation, the lake trout will come out of the deep waters to the water surface near the shoreline. Thus, the job of fishing for this species gets a lot simpler than before.


  • Apart from angling people also resort to spearfishing in the spring season as it gets easier to catch this fish while using this fishing technique near the shore. Anglers usually resort to trolling from a boat using live baits and jigs for catching the lake trout.

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