How To Make Coffee At Camping Without Any Machines?

The best thing about camping and other outdoor activities is that it takes you away from all that hustle bustle and stress of your busy lives all of sudden, providing you a sense of complete calmness and relaxation.

As compared to short trips, picnics, and one-day trips camping is a lot better option to go for because the end benefit for your body and health is way higher and in most cases camping is a lot more fun.

Outdoor activities like camping call for the need of on the spot cooking for food and drinks from whatever things you can grab your hands on unless you already go prepared for it.

Among all of this coffee is one thing which is loved by all and it always comes in handy. I mean there is no fixed time for drinking coffee although I personally prefer it in the early morning as well as evening. You can drink it anytime you want and every time you will get heavily satisfied if your cup of joe is amazing!

People usually go prepared for making their coffee on the go at places like these. Campers usually opt for the French Press or any other Expresso machine.

However, if you forget taking it along with you accidentally or for some reason decide not to take it then it will surely get quite troublesome for you. But that’s not the case if you know how to make your coffee with the use of any of these machines. It’s not a big deal to do and it can be done with very few supplies in a quick turn around time as well.


Making Coffee Without Any Machines


  • The first and foremost thing to do is to get all the supplies ready. You will be needing a good sized pot (depending on the amount of coffee you want to make), water or milk, fire making supplies, and good quality coffee beans, obviously!


  • Once you have all the supplies required to make your cup of coffee then it’s time to get down to it. Start with creating up a fire. It can be a campfire out in the open or a fire on a gas or electric stove.


  • Then place the cup or pot on the top of fire carefully and start adding up some water to it. Heat up the water till it reaches its boiling point and then start adding coffee beans to it. If you want a strong cup then you got to add substantially more amount of coffee beans and if you want a light one then a few coffee beans will be enough.


  • Keep stirring the coffee until it mixes well with the water. You will be needing to leave the coffee over heat for approximately 4-5 minutes. For a strong cup of coffee keep it up for another couple of minutes.


  • It is recommended not to move the pot so that the grinds can settle down at the bottom and once the coffee is done you should start pouring it into your cup nice and slowly.

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