Fishing Tips For Catching Crappie

Crappies are a very popular North American panfish belonging to the family of freshwater sunfish i.e Centrarchidae. Crappies belong to the Pomoxis genus which includes the both white as well as black crappies.

This fish species is also known as papermouths, strawberry or speckled bass, speckled perch, and crappie bass among fishermen in various parts of the world. The taste of the meat of this species is considered to be highly delicious and it is one of the major reasons of this fish species being such a popular food and game fish.

From outer appearances, both the black as well as white crappies are fairly easy to recognize and often tend to show similarities. Both of these fishes have a silverish olive color along with dark black spots on the body.

Furthermore, both of these species possess a deep body along with a large mouth and a small depression on the forehead.


Crappie Fishing Tips


Crappies are considered to be one of the best tasting freshwater panfish. Due to this, they are highly popular and fishermen including recreational ones absolutely love to fish for these species.

The usual purpose of catching this fish by recreational fishermen is for consumption only. They barely use it for any other purposes or go to the market for selling it.

Anyways, whatever the case may be, catching crappies is one heck of a job to do and there are some quick pointers that you can use for catching it.

  • Since there are 2 types of crappies in the genus Pomoxis, therefore, their habitats vary as per their nature. Black crappies are often found in cold water bodies at deeper and clearer areas which include but are not limited to streams, creeks, and sloughs etc. On the other hand, white crappies are found in both cold and warm water bodies and they prefer shallower water. Most commonly white crappies are located in mid-sized or large lakes and rivers and in slow flowing streams.



  • The diet of crappies is very diverse and due to this, they can be caught with the help of a variety of methods such as casting light jigs, use of artificial lures, live baits, spinnerbaits etc. Small insects, zooplankton, minnows, other small fishes, worms etc. are recommended as live baits for catching this fish.


  • Crappies go for hunting most probably in the early morning, therefore, it is a great time for going hunting for this very species. They usually hunt in groups so if you are able to locate one then you will probably find much more nearby.


  • Lastly, being patient is the key to catching crappie and it is probably the number one crappie fishing tip! This fish species is intelligent and when it comes to catching it you got to over smart it. In order to do that you need to patiently wait for this fish to come to your trap rather than forcing your trap towards it. The more steady and stable your trap will be the more chances you will have at catching this fish.

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