Things You Should Know Before Planning A Camping Trip

I am sure as a beginner to camping you must have heard a lot of things about camping from your fellow campers, friends or family members.

It’s a common human psychology and behavior to share things with other about what they feel good about and many people absolutely love camping and they love to share their experiences with others.

However, if something has a good side to it then there’s also a bad one. What many campers don’t tell you is the bad side of the camping which technically you should be aware rather than just knowing the basics of camping and it’s few tips.

In actual, it’s not even a bad side rather it’s more of what’s actually hard about camping that most people don’t like or find difficult to do.


The Dark Side Of Camping


There is certainly a dark side of camping which most campers hate to admit but do know from inside. These include the most major problems of camping and common problems faced in its actual experience.

#1. It’s Not Exactly Like What I Planned

This is undoubtedly the major issue that most campers face and this problem is much common for the beginners especially who are doing it for the first time.

Camping is loaded with lot’s of work and most of it is difficult to accomplish. While planning for camping it all sounds like a piece of cake but when the time comes to do it in real you will probably love to pass it on to someone else. Although difficult to accomplish but camping tasks and chores are worth the effort if you are able to yield enjoyment from your trip and for some, it’s just an ultimate source of adventure!

#2. Climatic Troubles

Climatic conditions of a certain place for a certain time period cannot be guaranteed whatsoever. Yes, there are tools to forecast and predict the conditions but their reports are not completely certain. There will be many instances where the weather will not be in your favor and it occurs mainly in the morning.

Many campers complain of wet weather in the morning even if it hasn’t rained and it is mainly due to high moisture levels in the air. This problem is more common than you can imagine.

#3. Bugs, Bugs, And Bugs

The problem of bugs is a big issue for camping especially when we talk about summer camping. It is in fact, one of the most common and major issues faced by campers all over the globe.

Bug problem is very irritating and it even gets worse when it is accompanied by the problem of wild animals. Lighting a campfire can help minimize this issue but it’s not a complete solution to it. You need to work on other ways as well to get over this frustrating problem.

#4. Cooling Troubles

Having a cooler at camping is a big necessity because it’s gonna solve a lot of problems for you. However, in order to make your cooler work you will be needing a lot of ice and at most of the campsites, you won’t find places to get this so you will have to go prepared.

Now, the question arises, how much ice would be sufficient for my camping trip?

This is a question with a very unpredictable answer and this, in turn, gives rise to a lot of issues.

Moreover, in summer camping the ice will melt faster than you can even imagine especially if your location receives a lot of sunlight and heat.

#5. Sleeping & Waste Disposal Issues

Other things that campers hate to admit are the sleeping and waste disposal issues that they face on their trip.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to sleep on the floor if you have a habit of sleeping on a nice and comfy bed, which is the case with most of us. This leads to a bad sleep which makes you feel tired and sleepy all day long.

Furthermore, disposing of waste is also a big problem because you simply aren’t able to find ways to dump it.


Last Words…


As you might have already discovered by now that the idea of camping although is full of fun but has its own flaws too. And if these flaws are not dealt with then this bright thought may turn into a nightmare (LOL!).

But, just based on a few flaws you must not consider camping as a complete dump. Because it’s not (Haha)! Camping is actually full of fun and it’s a must do acticity for every adventurer out there.

So, all in all, prepare for the worst, plan well, stay safe and have tons of fun camping!!

And, don’t forget to leave your comments down below!! Peace!

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