How To Fish For Bass Using Light Tackles

Technological advancement has surely played a great role in the changing environment. This advancement has also taken place in the fishing sector as well. Due to this, super advanced fishing gear is available in the market.

However, many fishermen still prefer using light fishing gear rather than using strong, advanced or specialized fishing gear. Out of this, fishing for bass using light gear and tackles is very common.

Light gear although efficient but requires a few things to be worked upon in order to become effective as well.

Firstly, it is essential to make sure that the environment in which you are going to fish for the bass is suitable for light gear, especially light tackles and lines. For instance, in heavy cover, it is not recommended to use light tackles for catching bass fish.

Similarly, there are a few other situations where using light tackles is not suitable. Ideally, using light tackle is preferred when you are fishing in open water.


Tips For Using Light Tackle


Before opting for a light tackle it is important to note the point or a limit at which your line wet breaks. Ideally, it should be in the range of around 5-10 pounds.

Apart from that here are the few things that you should pay attention to make your fishing effective using a light tackle:

  • It’s a rule of fishing that if you are using light gear especially light tackles then you should tie knots which remain strong even under the hardest conditions. This will ensure minimizing any mishappenings.


  • Light lines or the lines with a fairly thin diameter are extremely prone to abrasion. This is a big problem faced by many fishermen using light gear all over the globe. The best way to minimize this problem is to avoid obstructions and keep your line in check from time to time.


  • Instead of maintaining pressure you should be focusing towards quick action with light gear. Maintaining pressure will probably result in the loss of your catch which obviously unacceptable.


  • Staying alert is the key to a big catch with light gear fishing. You should always be ready to catch a fish and act almost instantaneously to any movements (actual or anticipated).


  • Furthermore, in order to be successful with light gear fishing, you must be able to deal with challenging situations and have enough physical strength to handle your catch. Therefore, practicing fishing as well as hitting the gym before using light gear is probably isn’t a bad idea at all.


  • In normal bass fishing, fishermen tend to use heavy and strong tackles thus they need not focus on their drag. However, since the scenario is completely different with light gear fishing, therefore, you must focus on your drag as well in order to be effective in fishing using light gear.

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