Tools & Tips For Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch oven cooking is one of the most popular and effective cooking methods at camping. Although the idea and name sound fascinating but this cooking method is not that easy to apply in reality 🙁

Campers face a lot of problems while using this method and some even fail to apply it completely. The main reason behind this is the lack of knowledge of essential tools required for the appliance of this method.


Essentials Required For Dutch Oven Cooking


The method of dutch oven cooking, although a bit difficult, but can be easily worked upon if certain essentials are adhered to and a few tips are properly followed.

Mainly, you should focus on working with the following tools in order to succeed:

#1. A Shovel

A wise camper once said, “All you need for dutch oven cooking is just a small shovel”. This sounds a bit bland but actually is very true and you can actually succeed in cooking with this method if you possess just a shovel.

However, in most cases, dutch oven cooking is facilitated with a lot of other tools to make the process easier.

Still, the need of shovel is a huge requirement and generally, a shovel with a long handle is recommended.

#2. Tongs & Gloves

Tongs are one of those few cooking tools which can be applied universally for a lot of tasks. In dutch oven cooking specifically, their use always comes in handy when the situation calls for handling the food over cooking grills.

Their use is not just limited to this one specific purpose.

Many campers tend to show their personalized use for this versatile tool. Leather gloves, on the other hand, ensures safety while the use of this tools and they are helpful when direct handling of hot food is necessary.

#3. Pebbles & Baking Pans

Baking pans are a must for dutch oven cooking yet many campers tend to ignore this fact. Baking pans help to keep your oven clean and provide more effective cooking. Ideally, deep baking pans are the best for dutch oven cooking. Pebbles and small beach rocks are further utilized to facilitate the cooking with the use of a baking pan.

The use of pebbles and small beach rocks will help center and maintain the position of a baking pan in your oven for even heating. The position can also be customized with the help of these rocks only if required.

#4. Disposable Towels

Safety and cleanliness are a very important for cooking and when it comes to dutch oven cooking at camping then it becomes even more important. Since due to lack of options or personal wish you will be using your oven a lot of times, therefore, you need to ensure that it is kept in such a state which enables it to be utilized multiple times.

Disposable towels, usually paper, always come in handy for cleaning and maintaining up the oven. Moreover, these towels can be used for a lot more purposes than just cleaning the oven so picking up a few will not be a bad decision at all.

#5. Fire Making Essentials

Obviously, without fire cooking is not possible. This further leads to a need for fire making essentials as well as essentials such as firewood, coal or some other substances to maintain it for long durations.

#6. Serving Utensils

Normal serving utensils work just fine for dutch oven cooking as well and believe me you will be very glad that you actually took the time for taking them up. These utensils prove to be a lot useful for a variety of task instead of just acting as a container for the prepared food.

Make sure you pack up a few plates, small or big containers, spoons including large serving spoons and a few spatulas.

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