4 Key Points To Master For Excelling In Photography

Photography is a skill that is learned over time with consistent practice. There are various aspects that need to be improved in order to enhance your photography skills.

Most beginners fail to understand this concept and are always on the lookout for a quick path to taking good quality pictures.

Although succeeding at it is not impossible but it is quite difficult indeed especially if you have little to no knowledge about photography.


Basic Key Elements Of Photography


Photography has certain key elements or key points to it which are required to be mastered in order to produce excellent photographs. In order to succeed in taking good quality photographs, you need to at least work on the basic key elements.

Namely, these are:

Depth Of Field

The depth of field is one of the most important basic key element of photography. It tells us how much and what part of an image is in focus. Setting focus on the major parts of your picture is essential to bring out its meaning.

Understanding and mastering the concept of depth of field will allow you to adjust the focus of your images to an optimum level.

The Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds holds a great significance in photography and is almost as important as the depth of field.

This rule basically works on defining the importance of various elements in a single picture. The one holding the most importance is significantly shown to the observer by specific focus.

The rule of thirds is accomplished with the help of a basic gridline which has a similar pattern to a tic-tac-toe game. The area covered by 4 points of intersection denote the major focus area.

Light Exposure

Having an optimum lighting level while photography is very crucial as light plays a great role in determining the quality of a picture. Low light or high light pictures can appear dull if they are not photographed correctly.

Therefore, working on how much light exposure is there and should ideally be there is a must for photography. The use of light meters is specifically recommended as it helps in determining how much amount of light is required in a certain circumstance for capturing a high-quality photograph.

Camera Lenses

The lens is undoubtedly the most important part of a camera. A high-quality lens will ensure high-quality pictures provided other aspects are in the positive side and a bad quality lens will ruin everything.

Even a picture taken by a professional will be of bad quality if it has been taken using a bad quality lens! (Shocker?)

Furthermore, different camera lenses are required for different concepts of photography.

For daylight/simple photography normal high-quality lens work just fine but if you are looking forward to low light photography then you will be needing a fast lens rather than the normal one.

Similarly, for landscape or panoramic photography, you will be needing a lens with wide field of view rather. Lastly, you must ensure that you properly maintain your lenses as they are very delicate and can break easily.

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