How To Keep Bugs Away On Camping?

Camping has its own benefits and drawbacks. Although the benefits greatly outnumber the drawbacks but some of these drawbacks are just way too annoying. One such is the problem of bugs. Well, it’s not exactly the drawback of camping but it’s considered to be one of the biggest problems of camping.

Just like we exist on earth, similarly, many types of bugs also exist on earth. It’s just that their number is quite huge in most of the open areas than crowded areas and obviously camping is done out in open areas. Therefore, the problem of bugs is a derived one and thus hard to avoid.


Tips On Keeping Bugs Away While Camping


Although the idea of getting rid of bugs from your camping space sounds easy to do but in reality it gets quite difficult at times. And the number one reason behind this is their huge number and persistence.

I mean seriously! These tiny little bugs are way too persistent. They will keep buzzing off around you unless and until you do something.

There are many ways to keep bugs away from your camping site but some of the most effective ones are as follows:

#1. Bug Sprays

Indeed one of the easiest and effective to get rid of bugs at camping is a bug spray. There are many types of bug sprays available out there to choose from.

Some work on natural ways and some via artificial ways. But using a bug spray that idealizes natural concepts is highly recommended. Most natural bug sprays use lavender as their core ingredient because it’s a natural insect repellent and its working is simply amazing. You just need to apply some and you will notice wonderful results if the bugs are not super bugs (Haha!).

#2. A Simple Fire

The idea of a campfire is truly fascinating and many do practice it at their camping trips. But a campfire can actually do more than just providing a fun or cooking time.

Lighting up a simple fire just like a campfire at your camping space can actually help you get rid of the insect problem and that too in a super effective way.

Fire and the smoke of fire both act as a natural bug repellent source and working on it is quite easy as well. The only hardship you will be facing is to keep the fire going all night.

#3. Clothing

If you are going to a camping place where you are sure of the fact that you will be facing a lot of bugs, then packing your clothes accordingly will be a wise decision.

Wearing clothes that can cover you almost fully in such situations often helps a lot. For even a further layered protection you can opt for clothing that has an ability of bug repellent by default.

Surprisingly, there are a number of options available in the market for such clothing as well. But if you are camping in the summer then doing so will be tough and you will most probably avoid it. So, in such cases, it’s suggested to use other ways to keep the bugs away on your camping trip.

#4. Coils & Nets

Coils and nets are truly a super simple and effective ways for handling the problem of bugs. The problem with them is that they will help repel the problem of bugs to a certain extent only but till that extent, they do work amazingly.

They are specifically designed to safeguard you from mosquitos which are undoubtedly on the top of the list of bugs. You can light a coil before sleeping and it will kill most of the mosquitoes in your area and you can put a head net on yourself while you are sleeping to stay away from bugs.

#5. Specialized Tents

Now, this is another way to treat the problem of bugs but it can prove out to be an expensive one. There are specialized tents available in the market which are very effective in keeping the bugs out from your camping space. These tents usually don’t affect your camping experience and are quite similar to the normal tents.

The only problem with them is that you need to spend a few extra bucks to avail them. But that doesn’t really make a difference if you are on a glamping trip.

Or does it?

Anyways, enjoy your camping experience and make sure you treat those nasty bugs 🙂

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