Camping With Dogs: How-To & Tips

The idea of going camping with your pets especially dogs sounds so fascinating. Dogs are one of the very few animals that are loved way too much by us. If you ask any dog owner then surely you will hear only one thing i.e “My Dog Is A Part Of My Family” and there’s one popular saying too “Dog Is The Man’s Best Friend”. So it’s just not fair on your part to leave them behind on your camping trip.

Camping with dogs calls for drastic changes in the way you camp. You need to take care of your dog just like your own kid and if your dog isn’t so smart then your job will get a bit harder.

Nevertheless, the point of leaving your dog(s) behind on your camping is completely unacceptable so you have to deal with these rusty situations and issues.


Tips On Camping With Dogs


Surely camping with dogs can become a challenging task for many but by following a few tips you can easily ensure that you and your dog have tons of fun on your trip without facing many problems. Here are a few realistic tips that you can apply:

#1. Camping Location

At normal occasions, you would quickly spot out a camping location and will proceed on to the booking procedure right away. However, when you are to camp with dogs the situation gets different. Dogs are not allowed at all camping locations and it’s in your best interest to make sure that your location doesn’t have such restrictions.

The last thing you would want at your camping trip with your dog is to discover that your dog is actually isn’t allowed to enter your camping location. And there isn’t really much you can do in such a situation if it does arise.

#2. Camping Gear

The idea for camping gear is similar to the idea of camping with kids. Since the care you need to devote to your dog is almost equivalent to your kid so you will be needing to take specialized gear for your dog as well.

Generally, you will need to add up ample amount of food for your dog including the normal diet along with a few extra items such as dog cookies, items for preparing a small bed for your dog, a few dog toys for his as well as your enjoyment, and a leash. There are many other items that can be added up to the list for increasing your enjoyment as well as the comfort level of your dog.

#3. Safety

In the case of camping with dogs, there are 2 aspects to safety which will be needing your attention. These aspects are:

  1. Safety of your dog in the sector of health.
  2. Safety of your dog from other wild animals.

Dogs are just like other animals and when left free they love to roam around to explore new areas. However, on a camping trip especially when you are in an area which is prone to wild animals then your free roaming can actually become dangerous for your dog. Therefore, necessary measures should be taken to safeguard your dog from such dangers.

Furthermore, you should also consider adding up a first aid kit specifically for your dog along with any other medications that you find necessary for your dog.

#4. The Fun Part

When you are out camping there are literally tons of things that you can do. And when your dog(s) are accompanying you then these activities get amplified even further. Plus most people love to spend time playing with their dogs. This not only brings loads of fun but is quite essential also. Your dog will be needing regular exercise and at a place like this, it will be better if he/she exercises even more.

#5. Other Things To Consider

Apart from the above-mentioned things, there are a lot of other areas which might need your consideration for a better camping experience.

For instance, your dog will need a place to pee and when he’s out then there’s no specific place to do it. Make sure that your dog doesn’t ruin your camping space by peeing there!

Furthermore, if your dog is of a pretty big size then he will be needing a lot of space to sleep as well as to travel. Special consideration for this purpose is an absolute necessity otherwise many issues will arise.

Just like this, there are a lot of small things which might get unnoticed but are important to consider. It is recommended to spend some time to think out about it before actually going on the trip so that you can prepare for all possible contingencies.


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