Effective Tips For Better Motocross Photography

A photographer can do photography on many different occasions. Those who proceed with this activity as their career usually need a lot of experience in photography. This experience comes from consistency and variation.

If a photographer does photography in a certain circumstance or surroundings all the time then his/her experience will most probably be limited to that area only. Therefore, it is very crucial to do photography whether generally or professionally in a lot of different locations with different surroundings.

One such type of photography popularly practiced by photographers is motocross photography.


Tips On Motocross Photography


Unlike many other types of photography, this one is a bit tricky and it requires some extra attention to catch those perfect shots. One of the biggest challenges in motocross photography is that it is action photography rather than the general one and normally it is a lot more difficult.

Apart from this, there are a lot of other challenging things as well.

By following a few tips you can assure that you are able to overcome these challenges easily and effectively!

  • The second biggest challenge of this photography after its challenge of action is the problem of dirt, dust, and mud. For any camera dirt, dust, and mud are the scariest nightmares. They can literally ruin everything of a camera internally as well as externally. Due to the nature of this sport, this problem is more persistent than you can imagine. Little particles of dust and dirt ruin your camera from inside and mud ruins it from outside. Special attention should be given to keep your camera safe from this problem.


  • In action photography, the problem of background is also considered to be fairly challenging and huge. This problem mainly occurs because the background keeps on changing and in motocross photography the background changes in just seconds because of the speed of the bikes.


  • To overcome the problem related to speed using a camera with a good shutter speed is highly recommended. Ideally, you should use a camera whose shutter speed is at least 1/1000th of a second. This will help you greatly and you will realize the difference once you apply such changes.


  • Surprisingly, many photographers get confused about the right moment for taking pictures in motocross photography. Focusing on taking shots of initial starts, some wow moments in the race, falling situations or near to falling situations of riders, turns and jumps, and at the near to the end are usually some of the best times for taking pictures.


  • Photographers also show a tendency of confusion while deciding on the lighting levels of their camera. Generally, you should be using external lighting methods such as flash as per the requirement but you should take care of its possible effects also. Using a flash or some other external lighting sources may hinder the vision of bikers and it may lead to their accidents. Therefore, it is recommended to proceed with caution in this area and be wise about choosing your area lighting levels.


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